Congradulations to our 5 qualifing players for the OIFC.{}

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Congratulations to our top 5 qualifying players for our OIFC Team in the forum vs. forum challenge. These 5 players will receive a coupon for the final game of this months league 2 weeks from today, November 29th.

To anyone who still wants to try and qualify for the final game and help earn more points in the final game, you can still qualify by playing Game #2 next weekend, November 22nd. This 2nd game will be a $2+fee buyin, and top 5 finishers in this game will also qualify for their team to play in the final game. The only difference in this buy in game is that all teams in the league will compete against each other fighting for top 5 seats. Good luck to anyone who plays the buyin game, and also any of today's qualifiers may also play this game. If you finish in the top 5, you will not earn another seat, and the seat will go to the next unqualified player in line. If anyone has any questions, just send me a private message, or post your question here, and i will answer them for you.

Game #1 Team Qualifiers:


Congrats Once Again To these 5 players of the Bonus Paradise Team. You have qualified for the final game on November 29th. This Final game is a $100 freeroll so good luck, and remember, teamplay will be useful to earn our team the most points. The team with the most League points will win a $100 freeroll for our Team.​
congrats everyone.

this sure looks like a lot of fun

Now go make Bonus Paradise team WIN​

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