Congradulations To Our Wass Poker Freeroll Winners!

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
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Congradulations to our Wass Poker freeroll winners today,


Turned out to be a great game to watch, since i was sitting on the sidelines early in todays game, lol. You guys be sure to check out our next buyin game {Click Here For More Info} Scheduled On Saturday, September 27th.If We Can Get Good Support On This Last Buyin Game, Maybe I Can get Some More Freerolls Scheduled On Wass. Hope to see you guys at the tables next week!

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Thanks...It was indeed a very nicely played tourny by all..look forward to future ones as well as the buy-ins..
WTG winners.

Thank you to all who put up with me.

I have no clue about this game, but learning.​
Congrats Winners
yeah it was a really great game and a nice atmosphere.

Kotsy, you cracked me up as always
if you playing poker, dont ask again
what is blind?
Might be others think you have no clue at all
Well done winners
i made place 4 :nuts:

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