Congradulations Winners!!!!

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic


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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.

Be Sure To Check Our Calender And the Scheduled Private Games At Wass Poker For More Freerolls And Buyin Games Coming Soon. From Today, There Will Be A Game Every Saturday For The Coming Weeks. Hope To See All Of You There!!​
wow, Congrats winners
place 2 jorbit
is that our Italian Casanova? lol
wow did not know you play poker that well, hehe :cool:

Once again congrats to the winners
looking forward to see many many more!​
Wow jorbit aka BOB i did not know you played poker that well!!!
WTG winners

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Hi I want to known ?? WassPoker have a tour like that in a month and 2 tour 200$ freeroll ????

not sure if I understand your question correct volcanohut
but if you ask for more freerolls which we having with them
then the answer is yes
on Septemebet 6th we having again a $100 Freeroll with them
no $200 yet, if they see more support there from our members then we can ask them for some higher prizepool.
Hope this answered your question ;)
Congrats to all the winners.

I'm more happy though to see some
of our active members in the winning

Hope to play next time. rof (I suck at poker)​
way to go winners

i made place 20

i had 2 great cards 4-7 Hearts
sombody els a Q-7

on the table came a 4-blackk 7-black Q- hearts A-Hearts-king black
pitty pitty lol


enjoy your wins evryone​
Grats to all the winners in the freeroll.Lol i got booted before it started for some Well D looks like the next one we might have that there showdown again.
Definitely Dogbites, We'll Have Another Showdown Soon
I'm Sure. But Just Wondering If bbzgurl Is Gonna Show For the Next One? lol
I Think She Wants Some Payback On Me And You, hehe.

Great Game Davey, I Watched Most Of The End, And You Played Great. Hope You Can Make The Next One, And Possibly The Buyin Game This Weekend.​

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