Congrats to Microgamings latest Jackpot winner -Our Mike won 73K!

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May 3, 2008
Mike hit the Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot worth over 73K at Jackpot Factory`s Vip Lounge Casino yesterday October-29-2008!

We are still somehow speechless, such a win is unbelievable.

Mike is playing at Jackpot Factory Casinos already since longer time and about 2 months ago he got the invitation for their Vip Casino.

Well yesterday he decided to deposit 100€ and had a nice run, was hitting free spins here and there.
Then he went to the Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot Video Slot and after a few spins it was making RRRingggg!
The Jackpot message popped up!



We wait now to hear from them how to get the money. What will we do with the money?

A big part of it goes to the saving account due we want to buy a house in near future.

We do not really like to donate to some charities, where mostly their Administration takes a big part of what you did donate.

We give each of our staff team a nice little cash gift. We give something also to family and friends,

And we will run here on Bonus Paradise a 1000$ Cash contest for our members to celebrate Mike's win!
This contest will be posted within the next days.

We say thank you Jackpot Factory!
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It is absolutly amazing, and there is not much i cant say at the moment.
I was total in shock yesterday, you can not even imagine.....

Just speechless........

Only thing i wanna say.

So, and that is well deserved!!​
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Wahoo Mike.

Good things always come to good people.

Karma's a bitch........rof​
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that is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would crap if anything like that happened to me
hopefully they will pay with no probs

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All i can say is Thank you
i am on the moment still shaking lol
its really woooooooowie
and i cannot believe this still lol

many many thanks!!!!!
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Now if this doesnt call for a BIG BONUS from Mike I dont know what does!!!
Woohoooo!! This is awesome guys!!
Congratulations! I am so happy for you both! :super:
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WOW AWESOME! I know a little girl who will have a GREAT Christmas and a Super visit from SANTA!
So happy to see nice people win!​
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Be sure on that one
this will cost some rofl

thanks everyone for the sweet comments!
I am so glad you hit. Good son tells me i have no luck at all with beginning to believe him lol.{dmoney644 is my ornery son lol} im really happy for you.thanks for the contests.also im not good on computer as my son will tell you but i try lol. Sno719
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WOW!!!! What a jackpot!!! That's more than enough to buy a CAR!! So Mike, did you do the happy dance or did you faint?:D Congratualtions on your winnings and by all means...ENJOY IT!!!
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omg,that is too awesome,good things come to those who give,& we know here you give us awesome contests,also there for us with quick responses,you so rock,congrats too you on win,it looks too cool,please find cash out button.
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aww burgundy. thanks​

Between the Streaks haunted hotel and Mike winning,
our adrenaline is running high​
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Lmao Mikky:D

You are really a funny girl:socool:

Many thanks everyone
and yeah

i did do the happy dance...........but not naked rofl:D:D

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