Congrats To The Ultimate Bet Freeroll Winners!

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Big Congrats To tHe Ultimate Bet Freeroll Winners.
I Had No Cards Mostly So I Went Out Pretty Early, And So Did Our Beloved Mike I Think As Well. It Was A Tough Field Of Over 100 Players And Only Top 3 Paid Out. So Great Job To The Winners For Bringing Home The Cash!

Also, A BIG Thanks To Our Beloved ROCK For Setting Up This Freeroll At Ultimate Bet Poker. :thank you: And I Would Also Like To Say That
Yes that was a very strange payout structure. There was no where on the set up file were you could change the payouts. I think paying top 3 is standard for UB. Myself I would rather have all the final table win something. You would think they would have adjusted the payout with that amount playing. I hope that our members enjoyed the game. Im sure there were quite a few that were no BP members.

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