cost of groceries

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Jul 17, 2008
have any of you noticed that as gas prices have increased so have the prices of groceries? I swear I think I pay $20-$25 per week more in groceries at this time this year than the same groceries last year and I typically but just about the same things every week. What is up with that?
Yes I have...I asked a Dear friend of mine who owns the market
where I shop and He told me that because of fuel prices they are charged more and then He has to charge more. He said what sucks is that he isn't making 1 penny more!:confused:
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I find I'm spending more than $50-$100 extra lately.

Also with all the odd weather in the USA, crops are affected so it reflects on the food prices.
Same here in prices raised about 30-50% within one year! Not sure about what to eat next year if this continoues...
Yeah while many other things are easier to afford these times the food prizes did raise, exactly that what everyone really needs.

Just yesterday I seen a very good Docu in the year 1960 people had to work about 100 days to by a Washer now in 2008 about 9 days.
But oh well things like a washer or a vacuum wont keep people alive.

The other thing why food prizes raise is they making alternative gas, BIO ,
Many many people in India cannot afford rice or bread anymore.

Where will this all end?!
Wtf its not normal anymore... Like bread,.
I mean bread has to be good and its for your health.
Mark and i eat it a lot,. But you pay alot for a simple bread
When we are going to the store togheter.. He trows everything in the chart...
He dont look, and i always get so mad. I tell him, read the prices a bit...
He doesnt care about it, cuz i pay the shoppings..... Men! Pfffffffffffff

Well. I Always Say, It Could Be Worse. I Remember Back When I Was A Young Kid, And the Soviet Union{Or Russia} Was Still Whatever.
{Ok I Don't Remember That Much :D} But I Remember Them Saying That In Russia, A Loaf Of Bread Would Cost Like $50 To Buy.

It Was something Crazy Like That. I Think Its Cheaper Anymore To Go Out To Eat Sometimes Then To Cook At Home.
For Me To Fix A Family Of 4 Fajita's And Taco's. It Costs Me Like $30 Buy The Time I Cook It.
I Can Go To A Local Mexican Restaurant, And Spend $30, And Not Have To Prepare It, Cook It, Or Clean Up After It.

But The Best Part Is, I Get To Eat My Food While Its Still Hot, Because At Home It Takes Me Forever To Fix Everyone's Plates, Then Fix Mine!

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