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A Contest with a bit of a twist!
Instead of being the Hero that recovers stolen paintings,
you are going to be the scoundrel who is stealing them!

The Contest

Recently you were approached by some very powerful people
who have commissioned you to steal three of the most famous paintings in the world… You will reward you handsomely for your misdeeds. Each painting you steal is a Match Bonus and Freebie
of increasing value!

Steal Edvard Munch’s Scream- Get 30% Bonus, $11 Free!
Steal Caravaggio’s Nativity – Get 45% Bonus, $15 Free!
Steal Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa – Get 50% Bonus, $21 Free!
Interesting little fact: All of these paintings have,
in fact, been stolen in real life

That’s not all!

Since this contest takes inspiration from thier i-Slot
Reel Crime: Art Heist
they’ve also decided to double your comp points
on this game for the entire weekend!

Getting Started:

Your first Scream bonus is in your promotional
cashier waiting to be claimed!
Get your $11 Freebie after completing your Scream bonus.
Promotions are considered complete once the wagering
has been fulfilled or your balance reaches zero.

If you have any questions or comments,
their friendly support is just a click away.

*Contest ends Sunday at 11:59pm(EST)

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