Danske Spil Awards Multi-Year Contract to eCOGRA



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May 3, 2008
Only a few days after eCOGRA was awarded a Class II licensed by the Romanian gambling authorities, the independent regulatory
compliance testing and standards association announced that it had signed a deal with Denmark’s largest gambling company, Danske Spil.

eCOGRA was signed on by Danske Spil in a four year deal that will see it provide certification services forthe latter’s subsidiaries and software providers. eCOGRA’s
professional staff will undertake quarterly and annual audits to make sure that these companies abide to the Danish Gambling Authority’s regulations and requirements.

Both Danske Spil and eCOGRA followed the European Union’s procurement procedural rules before inking the contract.

Danske Spil, as well as its subsidiaries, Danske Licens Spil and Danske Lotteri Spil, are licensed by the Danish government to provide online casino, online and land based betting and lottery games
in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Under the terms of the Framework Agreement signed between the parties, eCOGRA will be responsible for fixed quarterly and annual certifications,
as well as other certificates as the need arises (such as for new games that come onto the market, changes to existing businesses and others). eCOGRA will be required to test and inspect these companies,
as well as issue certificates that are applicable to subsidiaries platforms and games.

According to the co-chief Operating Officer of eCOGRA, Shaun McCallaghan, the Danish Gambling Authority certification regime is one of the best in the world and well recognized around the globe
for its very high standards.

McCallaghan said that eCOGRA currently provides certification services to a third of the online gambling licensees in Denmark, as well as numerous software providers and sub-contractors.
“The opportunity to extend our work following a highly competitive tender process to an organization of this caliber in such an effective regulatory jurisdiction is a privilege,” he added.

Earlier this month it was reported that eCOGRA managed to secure a Class II license issued by the Oficiul National pentru Jocuri de Noroc (ONJN), the Romanian gambling authority.
This certificate allows eCOGRA to act as a testing agency for the regulator as Romania moves into a new era of online gambling regulation and legislation.

The chief executive officer of eCOGRA, Andrew Beveridge, noted that the group was committed to supporting clients in each of the jurisdictions that it operates.

“Although the effort to fulfill the ONJN’s requirement for Certifier and Auditor approval was significant, we were comfortably able to achieve this based on our independence, financial standing,
and the depth and experience of our professional staff and resources,” said Beveridge. He added that eCOGRA was looking forward to working with both new and exising clients, as well as with
the Romanian regulator in what he terms “this exciting new licensing jurisdiction.”

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