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May 3, 2008
Play Deal or No Deal at JackpotJoy

Deal or No Deal Slots (Exclusive to Jackpotjoy)

Jackpotjoy is the exclusive home
of the Deal or No Deal slots game,
which is based on the popular TV gameshow.
Already the game has broken records:
the highest bonus ever has just been won
by Glasgow’s 29 year old David E – A staggering £629,547!
This is by far the biggest Deal or No Deal win in history, overshadowing the maximum winnings
in both the UK and U.S. gameshows.

There are three Jackpots available
each one dependent on the coin size.

Cost to play:
Choose the price you want to bet on each line from the following three options:

1 Line = 0.05 Pounds
1 Line = 0.10 Pounds
1 Line = 0.20 Pounds win the jackpot bet max.

WoW, I'm a big fans of Deal or Not Deal show, and was tried to apply for the contest before as well (Failed to do it :p)

Hmm.., this game sound like interesting to me, I might check it up now.

Thanks for the information, Marina.
Welcome to Bonus Paradise willyoumind ... ( Great Nickname)
Thanks for your interest , I hope you will enjoy the Deal or No Deal Slot Game
Best of luck.​
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I have heard about this deal or not deal game, but now only seeing its picture. Well i am getting my interest in it. I am going to play it now and let you know what i felt about the game. Thanks for the information. :cool:
Thanks for the warmest welcome, Marina.

Well, I have tried the deal or not deal game, and believe me this game is truly killing and it will make you addicted on it (Warning: Stay away if you cannot resist the
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