Deposited $7 on Casino Lux....

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Had $7 left in my entro pay account so i decided to put it into casino lux which has a minimum deposit of $5. Well to make a long story short after 15 mins had $100 and withdrew back to moneybookers. It says it takes one business day so we'll see if they actually give it to me or not. If it does work gonna put it into casino share and join the stash of the titans contest. ........ :socool:
Have to say never played at Casino Lux.
I sure hope you get the money!
Really nice to make a 100 out of 7!
Well done! :winner::happy-halloween:

Aww and how sweet of you to think on support our contest :kiss:
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figure if i can turn $7 into $100 and then $100 into $1000 at the casino and then win the contest it would be a pretty good few days!!........:dracula:
Ohh vacant
in case you need another casino with $5 minimum deposit via moneybookers,
Inetbet offers this too.
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Just got an email from them stating that they don't process on weekends but it will be done on monday so i should have the money in my moneybookers on tuesday. If they actually pay i'll always through a few extra dollars into them games are pretty good too.:Carving-Pumpkin::dracula::Carving-Pumpkin:
I deposit using ENTROPAY and withdrawl either CHECK or to MONEYBOOKERS depending on how much i win.(doesn't happen often):pumpkin:.. checked out inetbet but they don't offer entropay that i seen.
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