Desperate Housewives Bingo Cash Back Guarantee



Jun 1, 2008
Desperate Housewives Bingo wants you to know that you can't lose if you choose them for your online Bingo fun. And here are just a few reasons why.

1. Get a whopping 250% Bonus on your first deposit! That's right 250%.

2. You’ll also get their amazing Cash Back Guarantee. They guarantee to repay you 50% of your first deposit if you don’t win! Incredible. What have you got to lose!

3. And finally get a massive Bonus on all Redeposits at Desperate Housewives based on your deposit history with them. The more you play, the bigger your bonus will be. Redeposit Bonuses are calculated on your total deposits with Desperate Housewives since your date of registration. Start earning from dollar one as follows.

$0-500 get 100% on all deposits
$501-1000 get 150% on all deposits
$1001-10,000 get 200% on all deposits
$10,001-25,000 get 250% on all deposits
Elite lifers with $25,001 or more get 300% on all deposits.

As always please read the terms and conditions before wagering.

Desperate Housewives is USA friendly.

Desperate Housewives Bingo
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