Dmoneys 1100th post peom

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Everybody hold up their glass
As to celebrate with a toast,
Our wonderful Dmoney
Has reached his 1100th post.

Not bad for this guy
who is from the east coast,
when he reaches # 2000
We will celebrate with a roast!

{I know, pretty cheesey! lol}
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Here's to D reaching
Look at him beaming
His face all aglow!
Posting away
His figers were flyin'
Dodging his Wife
with sweet talk and lyin'
So toast you We will
Dmoney today
Three Cheers for D
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Bring all the beer
don´t care what it costs
D will all pay
cos his 1100 posts!
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It so funny that Dmoney has to post
Look at me what I have done for the Bonus paradise host

Look at me, what I have done eleven hundred post
Please pat me on the back Bonus Paradise host

Look at me, I strive, and compete, with three word post
Please show me the way, Bonus Paradise host

Hey, I could go on and on, but nope, not gone to do it.

Dmoney, congratulations my friend. Job well done, and I see you are continuing from here.
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