Do You Want to “Get Paid” ? Bally’s Slot ZZ Top Live from Texas



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May 3, 2008
Rocking and Rolling in the Casino

Well, this time it’s my turn to let you in on one of the most fun, exciting, high-energy slot machines in the casino (if you haven’t already latched onto this one): Bally’s ZZ Top Live from Texas.
You just simply can’t find a game that outdoes this machine, with the fantastic graphics, variation of bonuses and features, not to mention the rocking sound track! You need not even be a fan
of the band (although I am, so there’s some prejudice involved here) to enjoy the fast-paced energy provided by this Bally creation. ZZ Top Live from Texas has been on the market nearly a year now,
but unfortunately I only recently discovered it, and it has been my go-to machine ever since. Bally’s creative juices really poured into this game, loading it up with actual concert footage of the band,
audio quality that would keep any player rocking and spinning the reels (the whole point, after all).

Unfortunatly Bally’s Slot Game ZZ Top Live from Texas is not availabe to play online -well not yet- maybe Scientific Games and Bally Technology will develop an online version in the future.

The game is a 5-reel, 30-line format, and can be found in denominations from penny slots to high-limits. Penny slot versions can be played from a low bet of $.50, on up.

The game includes a number of the most famous song selections from the “Little Ol’ Band from Texas”, including such rock anthems as “Legs”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, “Just Got Paid”, and others.
Ingeniously, Bally created this game with comfortable seats equipped with surround sound, simply outstanding graphics, and band-inspired bonus rounds.

When you least expect it, the 1933 Ford “Eliminator” coupe made famous in many ZZ Top videos comes roaring across the screen, providing “wild” values on several reels. These “wilds” improve your
chance of hitting winning combinations and in turn, higher payouts. There is also an instant win feature that is a real attention-getter, announcing that you’ve “Just Got Paid”. You’re presented with three
choices to pick from on the screen, which could result in receiving instant credits, a spin of the jackpot wheel on the huge screen above the reel displays, or free bonus games. Regardless of your selection,
it’s great fun for the gamer. Additionally, there is a random appearance of a VU meter that pops up during play, awarding a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x for your spin.

Bonus Rounds

There are several progressive bonus rounds that can be won through the spinning of the jackpot wheel, as well. Even the jackpot wheel is creative, with the ‘flapper’ on the wheel being in the shape of
a guitar pick. This is the kind of small touch that combines with others to impress gamers with the thought Bally put into this game. Each progressive bonus incorporates additional music selections,
and activities that offer additional payouts and bonuses, or free spins. During the free spin options, the player can even select from options to add higher multipliers or more spins. These kinds of options
and interactions with the game are what keep me coming back, and it’s easy to see from the popularity of this game, that other gamers are drawn to the lure of this creation, as well.

One of the bonus rounds presented is “Sharp Dressed Man”, which of course includes a rocking performance of that song, while presenting the player with selection of one of the song’s fashion items such
as a gold watch, diamond ring, top hat, and provides a reward of additional games, with a multiplier, for good measure. There’s also a “Legs” bonus that also awards free games, with the added feature of
“locking wilds” such that any wilds that hit a reel remain in place until the free games are exhausted. That can generate significant payouts by itself (trust me on that, I’ve experienced that one multiple times).

Inspiration for the Game – the “Little Ol’ Band from Texas”

ZZ Top, the band, has been entertaining music fans since the 1960’s with the same musicians, unheard of for a rock and roll band. The group consists of Billy Gibbons on guitar, Dusty Hill on bass, and
Frank Beard playing drums. Their high-energy, high-volume concerts still draw huge crowds of music fans, making a slot game a natural draw for ZZ Top fans and music fans in general. Their “Eliminator”
album made the 1933 Ford hot rod famous, being displayed on the album cover, and featured in multiple ZZ Top music videos. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and have sold
over 25 million record albums, with “Eliminator” being the highest-selling, and their biggest success, commercially.

Certainly, the band members have to be pleased with the results of the game that Bally created with their name, music, and video. This system carries on the rock and roll extravaganza that the band has
produced for fans world-wide, while providing players with a quality, exciting gaming experience.

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