Doyle's Room Poker League, Pre-Register Here.

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
I have decided to move ahead and set up a poker league at Doyles Room. Please, I will need you to start pre-registering here if you will want to play. This will be a singles or individuals league. This league will start Saturday, December 6th, 2008.

I am currently working out all the details for this league, but i will have a post for the league info and how it will work by the end of the week. some games will be free to enter and some games will be a buyin event for $1-$2. Everything will be laid out more clearly when i make the next post.

Also, Remember our new poker game rules for our forum as they will be in affect. You need to have 20 quality posts with our forum by the time this league starts and for this league only, you will only need to be a member for 1 week before.

Please follow the link below to our pre registration thread, and be sure to post your poker alias or ID to be pre-registered.

As i said before, be sure to be looking daily for all league info regarding this league as it will be posted by the end of the week.

This will be alot of fun, so please show some support for our forum and sponsor, Doyle's room, as i believe you guys will be happy with the rewards!
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WTG Dmoney!!!! Games at Doyle......I will support this forum, at the games on doyle anytime. Got a few $$$ there, and anyway, I won $2 in ths forums freeroll game the other day, so guess who I support. Thank you. Doyle aka Very_Bad_Boy
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Awesome badboy and masida. Glad to have you
guys about Bonus Paradise's 1st league. This is gonna be great fun. More info should be out
very soon about the league so check back in.​
As of right now, they still accept U.S. members, but they are part of the microgaming group and like many of the casinos, are starting to stop accepting new registrations for all of U.S.A. So, if anyone doesn't have an account, i suggest everyone from the U.S.A. to sign up an account now do to the new talks of microgaming casinos and poker rooms.
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Sorry to say Dmoney, at this moment, with all that is gone on with Doyles Poker, I may not be joining you after all, and I am sure, alot of other USA players, will not be, either.
So sorry to hear this news Bad_Boy. I'm currently talking with my affiliate manager about this, and hopefully can find out some more info soon. He has been completely in the dark with all of these past events in the last couple days regarding Microgaming. Hopefully, this will oly be temporary, and i'm very sorry for your disappointment.

Lets see what happens in the coming days.​
Hey D, im in ? I am arnt I? LoL this is where i post if i want to join this league on doyle's?
Well this was a thread for early pre registration, but i have now since added a link in the 1st post in this thread to take you to the real registration link.

please, if everyone could use the registration page in the link above that takes you to the league room registration page, it would make it a bit easier, but i will also, check in here when registration closes and see who may have registered here early.
Good luck everyone and thanks for joining!​
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Sorry guys, but registration for this league closed 3 days ago, and neither of you 2 have been very active to qualify to play in this league. Its too late to get you guys in for this so be sure to come around more often and make a few more posts to get qualified to play in our next league.
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