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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Hi Everyone. Just Wanted To Inform You Guys That Due To The Lack Of Support Of Our Sponsor Wass Poker And Our Buyin Games, Wass Poker Has Suspended Future Private Freerolls For Bonus Paradise. Without Support Of Wass Poker And Our Private Buyin Events, My Affiliate Manager Told Me That He Could No Longer Justify Giving Us Freeroll Money. The Only Way To Get The Freerolls Back Are For Our Forum To Show Some Support By PLaying On The Wass Poker Site As Well As Showing Support For The Private Buyin Games As Well. Its A Disappointing Situation, But I Completely Understand Where My Affiliate Manager Is Coming From. I Thought We Would Have Alot More Support From The Bonus Paradise Members, But We Haven't Seen Any Support In 3 Months. Hopefully, In The Future, Support For Wass Poker And The Work In Put In Scheduling These Games For Our Members, Will Finally Come Together. We Will Continue Scheduling Some Buyin Games For Wass Poker, In Hopes We Will Get Some Players, And We Can Eventually Bring Back Our Wass Poker Freerolls.

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