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May 3, 2008
Dungeons and Dragons will be released at IGT Casinos on the 28th April 2009. Get ready! Play them now at Leo Vegas Casino and Vera&John Casino

Go on a quest for immense riches within our world of bold warriors, ancient fortresses and challenging monsters. Explore the bonus Dungeon, uncover treasures and battle monsters to collect
additional free spins and multipliers. Complete your quest by spending your spoils in the Fortress Free Spins™ bonus, starting with 5 to 25 free spins and up to a 20x multiplier.

Game specifications

• Immersive fantasy world based upon the legendary Dungeons & Dragons series
• 3x5 Multi-Line/Multi-Coin Slot Game
• 100-Credit Maximum Bet
• 5-Credits Per Line
• select one of three Hero avatars
• 20 tantalizing lines of slot action where you are the hero
• Free spins and multipliers galore in the Fortress of Fortunes™ Bonus Dungeon
• Super-rich reels with Stacked Wilds® in the Fortress Free Spins™ bonus
• Bonus paytable features extra ways to win and a top award boosted to 10,000
• 20x worth of bonus multipliers await you in the Fortress Free Spins™ bonus

Fortress Free Spins Bonus™

• Three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels trigger the Fortress Free Spins™ Bonus
• Bonus starts with an award multiplier and a number of free spins based upon the number of initiating Bonus symbols
• Before starting the free spins, additional free spins (up to 25 available) and multipliers
• (up to 20x available) are earned in the Fortress Dungeon
• Contents of Dungeon cells are randomly selected at start of the bonus
• Players discover and interact with the contents of unexplored Dungeon cells

Dungeon Phase of Bonus

Enter a room with a Monster and battle ensues. Player rolls a 20-sided die, the result of which is added to the Hero Strength to form an attack strength. If the attack strength equals
or exceeds the Monster’s defense strength, the monster is vanquished and the player is able to collect the multiplier in the cell and continue on. If the attack strength is not big enough
to beat the Monster, play proceeds to the Free Spins Round. There are no monsters in the first level. In the final level, the monster is the dragon. Whether or not the dragon is defeated,
play proceeds to the Free Spins Rounds. However, the player will earn an additional 4x multiplier if successful in vanquishing the dragon.

Enter a room with a free spin chalice, multiplier treasure chest or extra-strength weapon and the player earns, respectively, the additional free spin(s), multiplier(s) or strength value shown.
Enter a room with a stair way and after collecting any free spins, multiplier or strength; player descends to the next lower level. The cell at the bottom of a stairway is always empty.
In the lower Dungeon levels, there are usually two or more stairways from the level above. However, you will only ever see the bottom of the stairs you descend and never those of any of the other stairways.
There are no centre room stairways.

Monster strength increases the deeper you descend into the Dungeon. A monster in a centre chamber is stronger than any other monster on that level. Even so, there is a small
payback advantage to always explore a center room when possible. There is never more than one enchanted weapon per Dungeon. Each of the three heroes has the same odds of
winning against the various monsters. Dungeon animations & weapons differ with each of the three player-selectable heroes

Free Spins Phase of Bonus

• Free spins are highly enriched by the addition of Stacked Wilds® to every reel.
• Bonus paytable is significantly boosted with higher top awards and more ways to win
• During the free spins bonus, three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels re-trigger the Fortress Free Spins™ Bonus
• Maximum of 180 free spins can be awarded
• Initiating bet for all free spins is exactly the same as the bet placed when the bonus is triggered
• If the top award limit is reached during the bonus, the game ends at this point irrespective of whether there were any free spins remaining.

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Apr 25, 2009
that looks cool as hell!!! no usa players? at first i thought this was an advertisment for a new machine at a brick and mortor haha. they have this for fun money?


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May 27, 2008
Yeah to bad they don't allow USA.
I mean its a nice casino and you can play these games also in Fun-play.
But this game will be available the April 28!

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