Easy Magic Tricks for Gamblers

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May 3, 2008
Everyone enjoys a good magic trick every now and again, and it can be even more fun to be the person who is the center of the attention - flourishing cards and making things appear,
well, magical. If you enjoy entertaining your friends and want to cause a little stir at your next get together at the casino, try learning these easy magic tricks. They are tricks that are
designed to be specifically related to poker games and other kinds of games on the gambling floor. You may be surprised at how simple they are to learn and what a big impact they
make on your viewers. Ready to get magical?

Trick One: Royal Flush

Have you ever wished you could deal a royal flush with a flick of your wrist whenever you felt like it? If you are a frequent poker player, then of course you have! This trick, like many good illusions,
involves far cleverer talking and misdirection than actual skill with a poker deck. The royal flush trick is all about preparation and flourish. Take a look at the steps below to learn how to perform this
clever trick the next time you feel like impressing your buddies.

  • Prepare for the trick by pulling out the cards necessary to form a royal flush. You can pick a royal flush in any card suit that you would like. Place all five cards face down on the top of the deck.
  • When you begin playing, deal five different hands, each made up of five cards. Make a show of talking and catching people’s attention with your facial expressions as you deal.
    Upon dealing the total number of hands, be careful not to switch the order of the cards. Each person is now holding one card that will total to a royal flush.
  • Turn over each of the hands so that they are now face down. Place the hands on the top of the deck. Make more small talk by talking about how a cheater might try to change the way a game
    ends. As you chatter, keep in mind where your cards are at. Your royal flush is evenly distributed throughout the top 25 cards of your deck - each of your cards is located five cards down.
  • Deal the five hands of five cards each seemingly just as you did before. Discuss each hand as it is laid out. As you turn over your own hand, enjoy the astonishment of your friends
    as they see that you have a royal flush.

Trick Two: Deal Four Aces

This magic trick is a variation of the flush trick and is one of the best ways to give yourself four matching aces - it will make you appear as if you are a poker master. All this trick requires is (as seen above)
a great deal of talking and misdirection. Very little skill is actually involved, but you will certainly look like a card master upon finishing the trick. This one is so easy that a child could learn it. Ready?

  • Find four aces and place them face down on the top of the deck.
  • Deal five hands just as you would during a real poker game; each hand should consist of five cards. After dealing, make a show of comparing each person’s hand.
    Keep in mind that four of the hands have an ace located at the bottom of the stack. Make sure you keep the cards in order as you take them up and stack them on top of the deck again.
  • Your cards are currently located within the top 20 cards of the deck, distributed evenly at every fifth card.
  • End the trick with a flourish as you did in the trick before. Feel cool while doing it.

Trick Three: Cutting Aces

This trick is equally easy and results in four aces just like the last trick did; however, it is conducted in an entirely different manner. The spectator is the one who separates the deck, making it seem
as if you are innocent of any “crime.” After the spectator mixes up the piles and flips the first card, he or she discovers that there is an ace on top of every single pile. Wow! The trick? The spectator
thinks that he or she is cutting the cards in a totally random style; however, he or she is actually cutting and dealing exactly as you want him or her to. Find out how:

  • Prepare for the trick beforehand by putting all four aces on the top of a deck of cards. You obviously do not want to let the spectator know where the aces are at in the card deck.
  • Ask your spectator to cut the deck into four different piles of cards. Keep a close eye on where the top part of the deck (the part with the aces) ends up.
  • If all of your aces end up far on your right, remember that you do not want to mess with that pile.
  • Point to one of the piles that does not contain aces and ask your spectator to hold it and shuffle it by taking three cards off of the top
    and neatly putting them at the bottom of the pile in his or her hand.
  • Ask him or her to deal one card from the top of his or her pile onto the top of each of the other piles.
  • Repeat this process with another stack that does not contain aces and then repeat again with the final stack of non-aces.
  • When the spectator finishes all of this, the three random cards will be at the bottom of the pile, and one out of the three aces will be on the top of the other piles.
    One ace will still be on the top of the pile of original aces.
  • Ask the spectator to perform a final action and do the same thing with the final pile that he or she had done previously with the other piles.
  • When the spectator is finally asked to turn over each top card, the cards flipped will all be aces.

Presto! Three card tricks for your enjoyment. The next time you feel like impressing your friends during a night out at the casino, try one of the tricks listed above.
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May 27, 2008
I love the Royal Flush Trick! But the other tricks are also very cool!
Thank you for this great article
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