Ellis & Vicky went hunting for a Christmas Tree

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    Ellis and I traveled 2 hours from town
    and walked deep into the woods
    searching for a Christmas tree.
    We were all warmly dressed from head to toe
    carrying our saw, hatchet and a rope to drag the
    Christmas tree back to the car.
    We had thought of every little detail planning this trip.

    We were so determined to find the perfect Christmas tree.
    So determined, that We searched for hours slugging
    through knee-deep snow, blistering wind and
    weren’t even distracted!

    Finally, five hours had passed and
    the sun was beginning to set,
    so Ellis turned to Me and said,
    There are hundreds of beautiful
    Christmas trees all around us.
    Let’s just cut one down whether it's decorated or not!"
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    Yup! that sounds like you guys!

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