€/$10 FREE CASH for CasinoShare | New Players | September 2008

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May 3, 2008

This month we are giving away exclusivley

€/$10 FREE Cash

to the first 10 new players signing up at


through our Banner/Link during September 2008.

If you've downloaded CasinoShare via another link,
you will not be eligible.
To insure any confusion on your signup, please clean out your temp. internet files and delete your cookies before you sign up.

Once you've downloaded and created a new account,
please post here your Casinoshare ID.

Accounts will be submitted for crediting always on mondays.
Allow up to 72 hours for credits.
In the event you don't qualify, we will post in this thread.

° Do NOT contact the Casino regarding your 10 free,
Support does not know about such exclusive deals and cannot help you with it.
° Eligible accounts will get €/$10 Cash, this is Cash paid out of our own pocket!
Its NOT a Bonus and there are no restrictions on it.

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i was wondering I downloaded Casino Share thru this site but it was probably two weeks ago, but I have never gotten any free money from it just downloaded it to have it, would I still be eligable? Just in case.....tcsr04346061.....if not no problem but had to ask....thanks debralee
Ok fine debralee1967
normally this is for new players during septemeber
but I will make an exception for you and include you next monday.
If you are tagged through us you will be fine.
Thanks dear
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Thank you all
accounts will be submitted next monday
in the order they are posted.
This means if some are not eglible the next one gets it.
In total we give away 10 accounts for €/$10 free cash.​
I think there are 2more...

You are #6 to claim this 10 free, lol
However, it can still be that not everyone who claims will be eglible
as said already, ONLY if the new players are tagged in our affiliate account they can get this 10 free cash offer for CasinoShare.

If one or more are not eglible we just let the thread open until we have 10 accounts given out or until the end of month.

Accounts will be checked in the order the members are posting here.
we will be posting here then who got 10 free and if there are accounts left.

Just make sure you follow the instructions we posted in 1st post here, then all should be fine.

Thank you guys​
;)WHOOHOO GREAT PROMO, thank you CasinoShare and BonusParadise.

My account is tcsr04697519

Good luck all!
Thank you all for signin up at CasinoShare!
We submit accounts on monday
and then it migh take up to 72 hours to check
we let you all know then who got it!
I have sent in now the 9 accounts who claimed
they will check if you are tagged in our affiliate account and if ok you will get the 10 free.
I will let you know then here.
I may take up to 72 hours. :thank you:
The following 7 accounts were ok
and you will be credited with 10 free cash within the next 48 hours.








Good luck everyone!

Account tcsr04468541 – linked to another affiliate - is not eglible for this promo

tcsr04666457 - account has been locked by the casino

tcsr04799778 TY:cool:

Thanks onebigdreamer
your account will be send in next monday
we have in total 2 accounts left, if you are tagged through us you get the 10 free

ok guys, not all accounts given out, for sure we have 1 more left!​
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