euro2008 championship

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Jun 1, 2008
I would like to congratulate Austria for their amazing prelude into the tournament.


I´m truly impressed and most afraid of our Game next monday...:D:D:D!


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I tell ya
in the 2nd 45 minutes against Croatia I only seen Austria playing
but the luck was not on their side -
a 1:1 would have been fair for that match, but oh well ...
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Holland italy

i think it will be

1/4 for italy
WTF Mike is right!
Our team suck!!!
But i watch the game tonight,lets hope an pray.........
Italian are awesom soccer players...
And the cutest guys........

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OMG They play pretty good....
Im impressed!!
Mark is also watching with the guys!!
he sure is partying....
But its not done yet.
You never know with this game!

Are you watchin Marina???
Or does Mikie​
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Not normal.................
Love it!
I was standing in kitchen for some yogurt and i hear peeps screaming and yelling!!​
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yeahhh we won!!!!
Itally, also played very nice......!!

It was a great game!!!

I Wanna know if more members watched the game.​
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nice for holland
but not for us when it comes to sleep

i only had 3 hrs peace
and i have to go work again

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Congrats Holland! Well done! This was the best game I watched at euro2008 yet...and with those Italians having stolen the world championchip 2006...I´m with Holland!
You are awsom Seamen...........
Its also verry cool,beqeause we dont have no trust in it.....
And now they won from a verry strong team.....
How many time's did they won the league...
I believe it was 4 time's.....​
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it would be to great to see again

Holland and germany in the final:cool:
My prediction is the finals will be between portugal and Germany, that will be the most fascinating game ever. I love to watch that kind of a final really! well lets see what happens. Portugal and Holland both are really strong teams. :cool:
Welcome chatty
thanks for posting your opinion
Germany Portugal is sure a hot tip for the final,
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