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May 3, 2008
If you’ve spent any time in online casinos playing slot games, the odds are that you’ve enjoyed a game put out by Microgaming.
They’re well-known in online gambling for delivering top-notch graphics, engaging storylines and high entertainment value.
Moreover, they’ve been around for ages,so they also bring an air of trustworthiness and reliability to the table, too.


Microgaming was first on the scene, in regard to online casinos, when they launched the initial one back in 1994. Located in the Isle of Man, they now have a global reach, and their programs are found on websites everywhere and in dozens of languages. They specialize in games across the board and have developed a little of everything, ranging from slots to bingo and poker.

They maintain a massive catalogue of options for website owners that they continually refresh with a mixture of proprietary and licensed games. In total, the number of games they have released reaches well into the thousands. One of the most unique things about the company is their devotion to the betterment of society. Not only do they build safeguards into their software to protect gamers, but they also donate funds to charitable organizations. So, even on the days you don’t get to line your pockets, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ve played a role in making the world a better place.



It’s safe to say that Microgaming leads the industry in technology developments. Their software revolves around an RNG (random number generator) that was developed over a decade ago,though receives regular updates to ensure security. They’ve taken the time to have their RNG verified and checked by outside sources to guarantee its integrity.They’ve also created games that play across multiple platforms. Their developers have worked steadily to keep up with new technology. Because of this, you’ll see their games on phones, tablets, Windows systems and Macs, alike.

Microgaming Online Slots

The number of games in their catalogue (1,200+) makes it unrealistic to list all of them, but some of their most popular casino games include:

Microgaming Poker

They also have a platform of poker games and host tournaments that pay out over five-million dollars every single month.
They have developed countless varieties of the classics, such as:
Additionally, they’re responsible for the highly-popular games of Blazing Poker and Blazing Cannon, and are known for hosting anonymous tables.

Microgaming Bingo

Their Bingo options are numerous as well. Each of their games comes with a built-in chat so players can talk back and forth throughout the game. The chat tends to generate a lot of camaraderie and team-spirit, as the same groups of people often gravitate to the same rooms regularly. They also feature chat games and casino games if, for some unimaginable reason, Bingo and friends don’t keep you busy enough. The appearance can vary widely from one site to the next and you can expect to be playing either a 90-ball or 70-ball game if you’re using their software.

The Future

It’s tough to say where exactly Microgaming will wind up. Because they’ve been an integral part of development in the industry, it’s almost a certainty that they’ll be around for a long time. They’re continually developing and releasing new gaming options. In fact, it’s common to see several released each month and three new slot games are due out this month alone. Each of the new games boasts a whopping 32,000-coin payout. That’s so huge; it could be life-changing for a lucky winner.

The sheer volume of high-quality games they produce makes them a shoe-in for any online casino patron. Because they are one of the few companies that take the time to make sure they have the graphics, sound effects and storylines just right, they consistently win awards and put out fan-favorites. Their commitment to solid, as well as ethical, business practices makes the one of the safest, if not the safest, bets in online gaming.

They also incorporate loyalty programs and progressive jackpots into the programs, which turns the occasional visitor into a regular. Moreover, the vast
variance in betting options makes them a viable option for anyone. Even those on a tight budget all the way through high-rollers can find a game that’s suited to their monetary guidelines. These things have made their software highly-sought after among gaming sites and has led to them being a forerunner in the industry.

Next time you visit your favorite haunt, whether you prefer Slots, Poker or Bingo, be on the lookout for the Microgaming logo. Perhaps now you’ll see the blue circle etched with a white “M” in a whole new light.
I love playing the Microgaming slots. There is something about them that makes them one step up from the others.
Not sure if it's the game quality or the many features they have to offer, but they can surely be lucrative.
Microgaming always and will be my most favorite casino software. The Video Slot what i like the most is Break Da Bank.
Great Video Slot with 9 lines and big payouts!
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