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May 3, 2008
As one of the leading casino software companies, RTG maintains a heavy online presence. With thousands of games on the market and numerous casinos featuring their games, it’s near impossible for any aficionado to have not played one of their creations. The following contains a brief history of the company and a few tidbits every enthusiast should know.

The History of RTG (Real Time Gaming)

RTG, short for Realtime Gaming, was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. About a decade later, the company was moved to Costa Rica. Their focus has been on the development of downloadable casino games, though they also provide browser-based options.

They have developed a wide array of game styles, includingbingo, keno, online slots, table games and more than 20 varieties of video poker.
Their popularity boomed with the development and release of the Realtime Slots series, which are known for being packed with features, as well as free spins, and provide a random jackpot.


Although some of the games have very complex rules and payouts, they also tend to have simple, easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, they’re one of the few companies with a global presence, which makes them a favorite among website owners.


In 2004, a player hit the jackpot big-time on two different sites that hosted RTGcasino games. The corporation refused to pay out, claiming that the player cheated, based on odds alone. Eventually, the pair settled out of court and the company went on to change their policies to lower the amount a jackpot winner could receive.

Over time, numerous Realtime Gaming online casinos have been called into question for refusing to pay out winnings. Most notably, a gentleman by the name of Warren Cloud (and several other aliases) ran a ring of online casinos under the Crystal Palace Group name. He was one of the first in the market, and his websites were wildly popular. However, patrons complained that they would become locked out of accounts when they won or that the company would simply refuse to pay money out, citing an obscure rule. Mr. Cloud passed away in 2008. Conflicting reports exist as to whether his casinos ceased to exist, or if they were reopened under new names by others within his company.

Overall Realtime Gaming has recovered their good name. Nevertheless, a handful of rogue or blacklisted casinos surface occasionally and many people who played during the scandalous times are still very wary of any casino website that uses the company’s software.


The company is known for creating a diverse selection of high-quality games that people enjoy. However, they do allow casino owners and operators to adjust specific settings that changes the amount games pay out. Because of this, players do not feel a sense of consistency between sites. Unlike other game developers, though, the company has a built-in demo mode that should be available at all casinos that run their software. They also have a unique bonus system and progressive jackpot.

At the present time, their selection of mobile-friendly games is fairly slim when compared to the total amount of games they have out versus what other developers have. Additionally, some of their titles have an autoplay feature that allows players to set it up, and the game will continue without their presence.

RTG Online Slots

As mentioned earlier, one of the things the company is most known for is their slots, specifically the Realtime Slots Series. Players get excited by the random jackpot, which can pay out at any moment, with no warning or reason. Although many of the games feature basic, 2D graphics, while other companies are producing life-like images, they make up with it by creating excitement with bonuses, jackpots, progressive jackpots and free spins. Their slots are typically three and five-reel varieties, with anywhere from 1-88 paylines. Some cost as little as a penny to play, which makes them an affordable choice for anyone.

Some of their most popular casino games include:

Table Games from Real Time Gaming

It’s safe to say that their table games are every bit as popular as their online slots. One of their biggest claims to fame is their variety of blackjack that allows up to seven hands to be played inunder one minute.

Additional online table games they produce include:
  • Baccarat
  • Caribbean Hold'em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Craps
  • Let 'em Ride
  • PaiGow poker
  • Roulette
  • Tri-Card Poker
  • Vegas 3-Card Rummy

Because the software seems to be a favorite among scam sites and also because payouts will vary depending on site-specific settings, it’s very wise to research before you play. It’s a good idea to research the site’s reputation and verify it has not been blacklisted. Additionally, read through each site’s policies to see how games pay and check out the demo version before you play, to be sure you have a full understanding of how that particular game operates on the site. On a reputable site, Realtime Gaming selections are sure to be some of the best you’ve played.
I've always enjoyed RTG slots. I guess with any type of software, rogue sites will appear. Players really need to do their research. Bonus Paradise recommends a caldron of RTG sites.
Each and every site has been tested and tried by our staff.

I still like some of the oldies like Bank on It

The real time series slots have some great free spins and bonus features too. Many offers various Jackpots. Love Triple Twister and T-Rex.
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