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    December 2014 recemented Amatic’s entrance into online casinos after being a staple in the land-based industry for ages and a somewhat slow start online. This is when
    L&L Europe Ltd diversified their group of casinos by adding in Amatic games. If you frequent land-based casinos, you’re probably familiar with the games now being introduced.
    If you don’t, you just might be curious as to who this company is.

    Early History

    To start, Amatic Industries should not be confused with the company Novomatic, even though the two have much in common. They’re not related, despite any similarities between them.
    Amatic was formed in 1993 in Rutzenmoos, Austria by Mr. Reinhold Bauer. At the time, Mr. Bauer already had expertise within the casino industry. His company remains family-owned
    and holds true to its founding values to this day. In regard to philosophy, this means creating honest and dependable products, which follow all required guidelines to provide both player
    protection and to show integrity and responsibility in all matters. The initial product line was a series of video slot machines destined for land-based casinos. Within a year, they also added
    in a countertop multi-game model, and they continued rapid development of the company. Over the next few years, they released several new cabinets for land-based gaming and had to open
    a few more offices to be able to keep up with demand.


    Popularity Boom

    Their first widespread success was a series of products sold under the “Master” name beginning in 2003. This included the Mini Master, Midi Master, Max Master, and Wall Master. Just before that,
    Roulette Grand Jeu was also released, which would later become one of their anchor products. It was a novel concept at the time, enabling up to eight people to play roulette at an electronic table.
    Over the years, Amatic would become known for their innovative roulette games and would release several variants, with the final product lineup consisting of Double, 22WS, Prestige, Satellite and Solitair.
    While other companies were struggling to get a grip on slot developments, Amatic was perfecting multilayer roulette games. The Prestige enabled casinos to choose between a live roulette wheel or a digital
    one, with each player utilizing his own terminal for betting.

    Video Slot Development

    Up until 2009, Amatic worked tirelessly on their roulette games. However, this was also a large turning point for them, as they diverted attention long enough to create a unique video slot cabinet.
    Instead of the large, clunky machines other companies were still pushing out, Amatic developed a sleek-looking modernized gaming unit. The X3000 features dual-screen technology and allows players
    to operate it with either the touch screen or a button panel. At about the same time, they also released their first multi-game cabinet. As the name suggests, it provides several gaming options all on one
    machine. Both cabinets deliver impeccable graphics and crisp audio. Despite these developments in cabinet gaming, the company continued expanding their roulette line and also went on to design a
    multi-player poker terminal.

    Online Gaming

    Originally, their games were only available in cabinet form for land-based casinos. However, in 2011, the company released their Multi Remote Gaming System. This allows operators to run Amatic games
    on their own websites, while utilizing a server within their own jurisdiction. The first company to pick up Amatic’s games for their own website was grandx.com, an Estonian casino, which is remains
    in operation today and still carries their games. They can also be played at iGames, BitStarz and Princess Casino Online, plus they were recently added to L&L Europe Ltd websites, like No Bonus Casino.

    Game Selection

    Once Amatic got going with game development, they began releasing them across all platforms.
    For this reason, many of the same titles can be found in land-based casinos and be played online using a PC or a mobile device.

    A few of their most popular titles include:

    80 Days, Admiral Nelson, Baron Munchhausen, Billy’s Gang, Book of Aztec, Casanova, Eye of Ra, Grand X and Pharao II


    Amatic Industries continues to have a very diverse offering. They manufacture cabinets in their Austrian facilities, of which approximately 90-percent are exported world-wide. These can be
    played inside individual casinos, while being operated from a remote server. The benefit to this is that it enhances player experience, while ensuring the integrity of the game. Based on reports
    from the company, it sounds like they’re gearing up for another busy year. They’re planning to take part at ICE, a major gaming convention, and highlight their new releases as well as developments
    in technology. Some of the casinos which have elected to include Amatic slots provide a free-play option if you’d like to check one out. However, despite the fact that Amatic has a solid reputation,
    it’s a good idea to look into any casino before you begin to play for real money.
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    Wow very interesting software and completely new for me!
    Give these games a try over the weekend as they sound really cool
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    Really nice games!
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