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    As of August 2014, Amaya Gaming is the world’s biggest publicly listed online gambling company. They produce online casino, poker, sportsbook, slot machines and
    other gambling software, which is used worldwide is featured on many of today’s hottest gambling websites. They also develop mobile and land-based gaming options.

    History of Amaya Gaming

    The company is based out of Quebec, Canada and was formed in 2004. They have since expanded their reach and have numerous offices across North America, Europe and Latin America.
    Unlike other companies that focus greatly on research and development, creating niche products or developing unique software, Amaya tends be heavily involved in the business-end of dealings.
    They regularly partner with other companies and outsource content development to third-party providers, like Aristocrat and Betsoft. In August, 2014, they acquired the parent company of
    Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, in a nearly 5-million-dollar deal. Just ten years after inception, they became the biggest public company in the gambling industry. It is also one of the few in the
    industry that openly admits its main focus is on profit, boldly declaring on the corporate website that their goal is to “generate the highest per-player revenue yield possible.”



    More than anything else, the company’s main target audience appears to be online casino owners. They’ve developed Amaya Game Office (AGO), which is a sleek platform of tools that allow
    operators to manage their enterprise with ease. While other platform developers may force operators to select only from their software, AGO is modular in form. This means that they can select
    games from numerous third-party developers and integrate them into a single, unique package. AGO has built-in player protections and they maintain blocks and blacklists on behalf of the operators.
    The suite of tools included also allows managers to monitor individual players, see an estimated value for each player, or view business-wide statistics.

    Amaya Casino Games

    Their casino game library contains in excess of 300 titles, including PC and mobile varieties. They have a catalogue packed with unique titles,
    branded or licensed games, as well as the third-party software options mentioned earlier.

    Some of their better-known casino games include:

    Amaya Gaming Table Games

    Their table game selection includes many of the ordinary and expected titles. They also have a variety of options that were developed by SHFL Entertainment,
    which was formerly known as Shuffle Master. Between their own works and those of SHFL, a few of the table games they offer are:

    Online Poker

    When it comes to poker, Amaya Gaming stomps out the competition. They were one of the forerunners in the industry by adding live online dealers to their games. They also have mobile apps for poker,
    including a fast-play option. Now they own the parent company of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, which happens to be the world’s biggest online poker room and hosts around 50-million registered
    players. Under former ownership, PokerStars was active and hugely popular in the US, but it was pushed out by legislation. Under less restrictive laws, and protected by Amaya’s umbrella, it seems
    the US can expect to see the website start to slip back in.

    Other Offerings

    Amaya’s suite of gaming options also includes sportsbook betting. One of the company’s subsidiaries, Cadillac Jack, is a leading creator and world-supplier of land-based casino machines.
    Another branch of the company, Diamond Game, got its start supplying machines to US land-based Native American casinos and presently has their lottery machines in Canada as well.

    Because Amaya focuses more on the creation of a solid platform, than on the games, themselves, it’s possible you might not even notice when you’re on a site that runs their software. The platform offers
    customization and branding for online casino owners, which means each one will have a different feel. When you combine that with the software’s modular design, which allows owners to add in games
    from other companies, you’ll find a unique mix of games you know and specialty items. This also means that there’s very little consistency between their operators, but because the company seems to watch
    them like a hawk, there appears to be minimal risk when gambling on one of their sites. Of course, it’s always wise to perform due diligence and verify the legitimacy of any online gambling firm, just in case
    a new one pops up or someone has slipped through the cracks.

    If you’re interested in checking out Amaya’s library of games, a selection of demo versions is available on their corporate site that you can try free.
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    Very nice to read the things about Amaya Gaming. I really love the games and one of my favorite slot game is Chilli Gold.
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    Amaya gaming really has some interesting slots to play. Frogs 'n Flies is pretty cool.

    Thanks for the info Marina.
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