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May 3, 2008
The British company, BetSoft, is one of the key players in the world of online casino software development. Since their formation in 1999, they’ve created over 150 games in numerous styles.
They’re well known for their high-quality 3D graphics and have mostly stuck with what they do best- flash-based games that don’t require a download. Their games have been translated into
numerous languages and are often able to be customized by each particular online casino. This means that the colors will change, or you might notice the casino’s logo on the backs of cards.

Betsoft Gaming Technology

BetSoft’s major claim to fame is graphics. They develop 3D images befitting of modern animated movies and console video games. This can be seen in their popular line of slots, aptly named Slots3 (Slots Cubed) and in their poker games, which go by the moniker Poker3 (Poker Cubed). They were the first to incorporate animated icons onto their slot reels, in a technology they named Expandicon. They have also developed a line of mobile games, called ToGo. To add to the quality of the experience, they’re one of the few online gambling software developers that employs professional musicians and audio specialists to create audio effects and soundtracks. This makes their games feel more like a video game or a feature film than part of an online casino. Their characters have been meticulously designed, and many of them come to life with the help of voice actors.


Betsoft Online Slots

Their online slots can be broken up into two main categories. They have a line of classic slots, as well as the Slots3 line mentioned earlier. Their classic lineup has a mix of three and five-line offerings, with anywhere from 1-20 paylines. The Slots3 collection is made up of 5-reel games with 9-20 paylines each. They use scatter pays, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots to keep the excitement going. BetSoft creates unique stories, plots and themes for each game, and the animated characters interact with gamers throughout play. Price-points vary on each game, allowing spins for as little as a single coin. This makes their brand accessible to everyone.

Some of their most well-known online slots include:

Table Games from Betsoft

Their table games are incredibly unique as well. Although some other software developers have invested heavily in graphics too, few, if any, have carried it over to their table games.
Some of their offerings include:
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Betsoft Online Poker

Their Poker selection contains some of the ordinary (Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold 'Em), as well as extraordinary, with the addition of their Poker3 line. Poker3 has the same flawless animations included in the Slots3 line and boasts extremely detailed characters, plus great sound effects. They have a version called “Head’s Up” which allows entertaining and fast play against a single opponent, as wells as a full-ring variety. These games use Adobe Flash, which means they can be played on PCs and Macs, without having to download anything.

Other Offerings

BetSoftGaming has developed some additional unique software packages, too. One of their creations is BetCafe, a software suite designed for use in Internet cafes. They also have VirtualRacebook, which is aimed at those who prefer to bet on horse races. Like Slots3 and Poker3, it features top-of-the-line graphics and animations.

It’s tough to say where this company is headed. They seem to be content with slow, steady growth and continuing with their existing lines as-is. Considering they do it well, they
may be thought of as an elite class, who will be able to weather the industry without spreading out or diversifying much. They have several partnerships with companies that specialize in online betting, so we may see more development from them within that niche. They also continually release new games, which keeps their brand fresh and modern.

With that said, they have recently been in the news for legal issues. In 2013, they made headlines for disputes with another gaming company over the use of their Expandicon technology. It was deemed through courts in The Netherlands that no infringement was made. In the summer of 2104, they also had their license suspended from a gambling regulation agency, The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). Though their website makes no note of either event, it does presently bare the Curacaoe Gaming license, which links to an external site that verifies they are in good standing. No notes are readily available as to why the AGCC issued a suspension, though it’s interesting to know the agency also recently suspended the same company BetSoft battled with in court the year before.

Those interested in playing their games will find them in online casinos based throughout the world. They also provide what they call “demo” versions on their website.
However, it appears to be their complete library of full-featured games, with the only difference being that no cash is required to play.
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I love the BetSoft games. They really have some unique features. Love Mr. Vegas with all the different ways of getting a bonus.

Nice article to read for those of you that aren't familiar with the software.
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