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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Have you ever wished that all your loyalty points from every casino you visit could be deposited into a single account?
    If you’re a fan of Microgaming online casino games, your wish may have just come true.

    What is CasinoRewards.com

    The website works very much like a universal loyalty program. CasinoRewards.com has been around for over a decade, and they have around 30 partner sites. When you register to play in any of their
    casinos, you are automatically enrolled in a reward program which works across all of their casinos. This means that whatever points you accrue on any of their sites goes into a single pool of points,
    which you’re free to use at any of their partner sites.


    Rewards Point System

    CasinoRewards.com utilizes one of the most stress-free point systems anywhere online. If you play, you get points, and they’re automatically tracked within your account. Enrollment in the program is
    automatic when you sign up for one of their casinos, plus it’s free, and your points will never expire. You’ll earn a dollar in chips for every 100 VIP loyalty points you accrue, and each game-type will provide
    a different amount of points. Based on increments of 10 dollars in wagers for each game, you’ll receive:
    • 1.0 Point for Online Slots
    • 0.5 Points for Table Games or Roulette
    • 0.1 Point for Video Poker or Blackjack

    Rewards Buddies

    Another unique thing they do is their Rewards Buddies program. They will actually give you rewards for referring people! Not only that, but it spans three levels deep, so if you refer a friend, and they refer
    a friend, and that friend refers a friend, you will receive points for them too. Moreover, they will base your reward on how active the referral is, so you can cash out early or wait until the person to builds up
    VIP points of their own. Your immediate referral can be worth anywhere from 75-1,000 dollars, depending on when you choose to redeem them. Your referral’s referral can earn you as much as 300 dollars,
    and each of their referrals can net you up to 100 dollars.

    Rewards Riches

    Enrollment in CasinoRewards.com also entitles members to join the Rewards Riches program, which is hosted on another website. Players have the opportunity purchase tickets for daily, weekly, and monthly
    lotteries. Sometimes tickets are given out free as well. The daily draw has a jackpot of 250,000 dollars. The weekly is 500,000 dollars, and the monthly is 1,000,000 dollars. That is some serious cash.

    Other Incentives

    The company offers a ton of incentives to play on their websites. In addition to VIP loyalty points, Rewards Buddies, and Rewards Riches, CasinoRewards.com delivers gifts and continual promotions. Within
    the first year of signing up, a new member will receive over 10,000 dollars in bonuses. Plus, they have some of the most massive jackpots anywhere on the web. If that’s not enough, customer service is available
    around the clock, and in numerous languages.

    Their Casinos

    As of now, their brand extends to around 30 casinos. Each one has received Safe & Fair certification by eCOGRA, so you’ll have assurance that you’re playing on a trusted and reputable website.
    Moreover, they pride themselves on being quick to pay out. On top of the incentives provided through CasinoRewards.com, individual casinos will run promotions as well.

    Some of their most popular online casinos and lucrative welcome bonuses are:


    Because CasinoRewards.com encompasses a wide array of sites, there is a plethora of different games as well. Many of them include progressive jackpots too.

    Gaming options include:
    • Table Games
    • Video Poker
    • Video Slots
    • Reel Slots

    As with any casino loyalty or reward program, there are certain rules and guidelines which apply. For instance, bonus cash awarded has a play-though requirement you must meet before cashing out.
    However, the rules are all clear-cut and are posted on their website, as well as on each individual casino’s website. Be sure to read through them before betting so you’re not surprised by anything later.

    Overall, CasinoRewards.com provides one of the most, if not the most comprehensive and competitive package out of all the online casinos. It’s nice to get rewarded just for choosing one website over
    another, but when the prizes and cash giveaways are this huge, it’s unreal. They’ve certainly raised the bar for VIP programs everywhere.
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  2. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    I really love the CasinoRewards group. They have some great Online Casinos! I always get great bonus offers and free points for playing!
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  3. mattcuttes

    mattcuttes Banned

    I like Casino Rewards group.Will share this great news to my friends:)
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  4. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    It's a wonderful group to play in. They really reward their loyal players. Just make sure you abide by their terms and
    conditions and you won't run into any problems.
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  5. mattcuttes

    mattcuttes Banned

    Kosty Thank you for your Guidance

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