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    If the online casino industry was a wardrobe, Gamescale would be a pair of cozy, faded jeans. They’re not fancy or flashy, and it’s easy to overlook them, but if you wanted something comfortable,
    that’s where you’d turn. Although they’re not the most innovative company out there, and probably aren’t well-known name, they do create some solid and worthwhile casino software.


    As is the case with many start-ups today, the people who formed Gamescale back in 2010 have been in the industry much longer. The company’s founding team came from reputable and popular companies
    like Playtech, 888, Microgaming, and PartyGaming. They set up shop in Malta, which is where almost everybody with ties to remote gambling begins. Rather than coming up with a line of fancy new games
    that bewilder even veteran slot-players, they kept simplicity in mind as they developed.



    Gamescale’s main goal is to have a solid and straightforward platform for online casino operators. They provide everything an operator needs to have their casino run smoothly and efficiently, yet they
    still offer support around the clock just in case. They’ve also partnered with other large companies to give operators more features, and their platform is modular. This means that anyone who is running
    a Gamescale casino can include games from any other software company for players too. Considering that Gamescale thrives on simplicity, this was probably a smart move, because it allows players access
    to trendy titles as well.


    Although they generally take a classic approach to game design, they’ve developed a fairly massive catalogue of proprietary titles. Their line-up includes basic slots, video slots, video poker, table games,
    scratch cards, and some oddball options, which don’t fit into any category. They’ve also partnered with companies which allows them to provide live-dealer games, sportsbook, and live betting. In total,
    they provide over 200 choices for players. The selection includes a variety of instant-play, downloadable, and mobile games.

    Online Slots

    Although Gamescale has partnered with companies that develop 3D slots, their proprietary titles are all basic. While it may seem like they’re still in the dark ages because of this, it’s an intentional move
    on their part. They wanted all their games to run smoothly and have intuitive controls. Because of this, all of their slots are easy to play, and they still have beautiful graphics and simple animations.
    Their slot collection hosts a selection of video and classic slots with a wide variance in the number of paylines and reels.

    Some of their best titles are:

    Café de Paris, Cash Machine , Cinema City, Crazy Pizza, Football Slot (American players would call it a soccer game.), Magic Forest, Monster’s Bash, Non-Stop Party


    Video Poker

    Their proprietary video poker selections are a bit eclectic. The number of lines range between 1 and 100 for each game. Their lineup includes classic games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
    However, they threw in a few oddballs, such as Caravan Poker and Alien Poker.

    Table Games

    Gamescale’s table games are very classic and have the same crisp graphics that the company is known for. There aren’t any surprising titles in this selection, but there’s enough to keep people content.
    They have roulette, baccarat, hold ‘em, and a few more.

    Scratch Cards and Other Games

    The only place that Gamescale deviated from their classic appeal is in their scratch cards. In this respect, they have some of the best, if not the best, games on the market. They’re incredibly innovative
    and utilize 3D graphics, impeccable audio, plus have unique themes. Chicken Coop, Cat Fight, Babushka, and Alchemy Power are some of their most creative scratch cards. They’re beautifully animated
    and unlike anything else other software providers have developed. To round out their casino game selection, they’ve added a few other titles like Keno, Craps, Reels of Fortune, Fortune Wheel, and Card Wars.

    Overall, Gamescale is a feel-good brand. They’ve been fairly quiet since 2013, but they’re still alive and well, scattered across the net. The fact that they have stuck with a no-frills approach to game development,
    yet seized an opportunity to dominate a portion of the industry with their scratch cards, says volumes about their core team. They may build for casino operators, but they clearly understand that some players
    prefer a classic and easy to understand game.

    It’s unclear why they’ve been so quiet, but hopefully it means that they’re busy creating some new games for us to play. At the very least, their reputation is good and anyone who has reported on them,
    whether as an operator, or a player, has only had positive things to say.
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  2. Ellis

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    I really should take a close look on Gamescale games, they sound really cool!
    Nice article and great info agian!
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    Some very interesting games at Gamescale. Looks like 2015 will be a fruitful year for them.
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