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    If you haven’t heard of GamesOS, you’re not alone. However, if you play online casino games, play games on Facebook, or have even played on a traditional console before, you’ve probably played
    a game they have made. The company tends to provide white-label solutions for gaming operators, oversee projects, assist, and consult, rather than pushing out games under their own name.
    Even so, if you play close attention to the names of software developers when you play online slots, you may know them by their prior name, CTXM, which they went by until 2012.


    History of GamesOS

    CTXM spun off of its parent company, C.T. Co., back in 2001. Both companies are based in Riga, Latvia, though C.T. Co. focuses on research and development in the IT field. The parent company was
    formed in 2000 and works with all types of industries, though they most extensively within the insurance and banking sectors. It’s unclear why they changed their name in 2012, as their focus has remained
    the same throughout. Over the years, they’ve developed all sorts of software for gaming companies and casinos, so the breadth of their skills stretches from payment acceptance, to turnkey solutions, to
    playable games. They have partnered with many massive companies as well, including VMware and SEGAGames. Considering their global reach, they have a fairly small staff of less than 200 people.

    Services they Offer

    The company’s roots may explain the diversity in what they offer as a whole. GamesOS, like their parent company, works in a vast number of IT services. They handle infrastructure virtualization, starting at
    the early stages of design, all the way through setup and deployment. They’re also knowledgeable in the protection, security, and backup of data. In addition, they also host websites for their iGaming operators.

    Casino Platform

    They provide the “bones” of casino websites, so operators can slide right in and create a business. They call this their XBase platform, and it is loaded with everything a casino operator needs. It’s modular
    in style, so casino owners can pick and choose whether they want to use GaemsOS’s tools or implement something from another company. An XBase casino will take on whatever appearance the owner
    wants it to, and can accept payments in numerous currencies, as well as multiple languages. Their claim is that you can have your own casino up and running in as little as four weeks.


    Live Casino

    GamesOS has partnered with LimeLight and EntwineTech to provide live casino games for their operators. It’s an incredibly cool setup, which allows players to access four variants of baccarat, three
    types of roulette, and two kinds of blackjack. Their live casino games are filmed in two different studios and, naturally, the dealers are all lovely ladies sporting little black dresses. If you’re interested
    in the backend of these types of productions, check out EntwineTech’s website. They have behind the scenes footage of what their dealer studios really look like.


    Although their proprietary collection of slots is fairly small, the ones they have developed are well-made with modern graphics, themes, and quality audio.
    Some of their better-known online slots include:
    House of Scare, Non-Stop Party, Karaoke Star Slots, Cubana Tropicana, Rock the Mouse and Space Robbers

    Table and Card Games

    They have also created proprietary variants of all the popular table games and card games, too. They have numerous forms of poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and even sic bo.
    In addition, they have a healthy selection of themed-video poker games as well.

    Other Games

    GamesOS has gone the extra mile to ensure their library is packed with something for everyone. They have social games, which can be played on Facebook, virtual scratch cards,
    mini-games, and arcade games, like match games. Those are quite like scratch cards, and they have clever animations, plus toe-tapping soundtracks.

    In total GamesOS has developed more than 200 games. They might be somewhat tricky to spot, simply because the company specializes in letting casinos brand their games as their own.
    Many of their games are playable on mobile devices, too, and they have a mobile casino solution for operators that can be integrated into their platform as well. Their software has been fully
    tested to ensure it’s fair and random and they have a solid reputation for being knowledgeable and innovative in all areas related to online gaming, as well as IT. While it would be nice to see
    them put out more slots because they could really give some of the other developers a run for their money, it’s clear that individual games aren’t their present focus, despite how well they do them.
    However, many casinos have picked up their games, including ComeOn! Casino, so if you haven’t noticed them yet, you’re sure to see them in the future.
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