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    Although they don’t have the same brand power as some of the other names in online casino software development, iSoftBet is a solid contender. They only hire the best of the best and it shows in their
    final products. To date, they’ve developed over 400 casino games and they often form alliances or partnerships with other companies to improve their technology and player experience. They also provide
    a casino management system, which includes marketing and financial services, as well as hosting and custom-game design for operators.


    Very little is known about the history or ownership of iSoftBet. Some accounts indicate they originally used the name ISB Technologies when they opened, though it can’t be confirmed. Their Alderney Gambling
    Control Commission license simply lists them as IBS and they appear to be a privately-owned company, based in London. With that said, there is also a company in Pakistan which uses the name ISB Technologies
    and it specializes in much of the same software as iSoftBet, though not in the online casino sector. No direct link between the two companies can be established, though. iSoftBet’s own website notes nothing of
    their past, their employees, or their management. Most sources simply indicate the company emerged in 2010, immediately bringing several-hundred games into the industry. Interestingly, they are linked with
    a company called Fast-CPU (their website redirects to iSoftBet now). Old records from Fast-CPU Gaming’s website indicate that they were formed in 1997 and brought over 200 titles with them when they launched.
    It’s worth noting that the Fast-CPU website once boasted the name “Fast-CPU Entertainment,” which dissolved in 2009 and had ties to a US-based outfit in Florida. One of the corporation’s officers was listed as
    “Garton Enterprises, Inc., which is still operated out of Florida by Douglas E. Garton. A second officer listed was Raymond Pousaz, who was involved in a million-dollar fraud case which broke in 2004. It appears
    that neither man has involvement with iSoftbet at this time, but that cannot be verified either. Prior to being established as Fast-CPU in 2006, it is unclear who ran iSoftBet
    or what name the company used, if it was indeed in existence.



    Despite the fact that iSoftBet appears to have materialized out of thin air, their software is impeccable. They create high-quality games, which include story lines and feature film-worthy animations. Any audio
    which accompanies their games is also befitting of the cinema, from sound effects to music and voice. Their games can be found most anywhere, and they have a solid base of online casinos running their software.
    They also have mobile casino games, plus a selection of mini-games, which are shortened versions of their traditional ones intended for quick play. To round out their selection, they provide lottery rooms with
    built-in member chat and a Facebook turnkey casino suite for operators.

    Online Slot Games

    In regard to slots, they’re a forerunner in the market. They’ve managed to secure deals which allows them to create games using licensed themes, like Beverly Hills 90210, Rambo, Basic Instinct, Rango,
    and Bruce Lee. Others appear to be familiar brands, like Bug’s World, which bears a striking resemblance to Bug’s Life and Spooky Family, which looks uncannily like the Adam’s Family. In fact, a fairly
    large selection of their slots appears to be parodies. They’ve even managed to slide in titles like Happy Birds and Cult Fiction. Each of these has smooth animations and colorful graphics, which are among
    some of the best in the industry. Rather than going with traditional paylines, each game boasts a number of “ways to win,” which is usually well into the hundreds. Additionally, they provide a selection of
    basic 3-reel slot games and fruit machines.

    Other Games

    The company has developed a wide array of alternate gaming options. They have traditional roulette, including American and European styles, plus a few other variants. Their collection also hosts numerous card
    games, such as blackjack and video poker. Some of their games even allow for a live dealer option. Their Facebook platform has been utilized by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Vera&John.

    While it’s unclear exactly where iSoftBet came from, they’ve brought a lot to the table. At the very least, they’ve been around for close to 20 years under one name or another. Whether these were repeated
    rebranding efforts, mergers, or buyouts remains to be seen. It’s highly unlikely that they simply emerged as a fresh company in 2007 with over 200 titles, but who they were before that remains a mystery.
    Regardless of their past, their future is looking bright. They’ve clearly figured out a solid business plan and they consistently deliver high-quality casino games to players. Moreover, they’ve solidified themselves
    as a trusted and reputable brand.
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    They really do have some unique video slots. Love the different features and things.
    Interesting history on them.
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    Nice info! I really like iSoftBet!
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    Very interesting as we all know IsoftBet is a glorious online and mobile casino games supplier.

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