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May 3, 2008
Leander Games hired a diverse team of experts to deliver a full gaming experience through their online slots. Though a somewhat recent startup, they have quickly become one
of the best-known names in the industry due to their ingenuity, impeccable graphics and overall high-quality. Most players are familiar with their “Reely” game series.

The History of Leander Games

The company was founded in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They gathered together a team of creatives, mathematicians, developers, graphic artists, plus musicians, and began collaboration for
their library. Because they’re relatively new in the industry, they don’t have a massive catalogue or a huge list of accomplishments, but they have shown consistency in providing top-notch slot games.
They’ve also demonstrated incredible determination, securing a deal with Rational Group to provide casino games for Full Tilt Poker, beating out numerous well-established companies for the spot.
Additionally, they have worked to secure partnerships with companies like Microgaming, OpenBet and GTS, which has helped to make their brand a bit more mainstream.


The platform of Leander Games allows online casino operators to select a mix of games created by third-party providers and also of proprietary design. It’s specially devised to permit both free-play and monetary
gambling, plus it allows for loyalty programs and other special features. Their Reely series consists of Reely Bingo, Reely Caribbean Stud Poker, Reely Poker, and Reely Roulette, which integrate with their
video slots to provide a one-of-a-kind, dual-gaming experience. All of their games feature incredible graphics, which range from adorable animations to realistic illustrated re-creations of live people, like the
band members of Motley Crew and Dolly Parton. These are paired with interesting stories that pull players into the game and then topped off with solid audio.

Leander Casino Games

Although the company has developed a handful of other things, slots is what they do best and also what they work on most. Games often have free spins, bonuses and jackpots, which makes for entertaining
play. However, they also have simple controls that anyone can adapt to with ease. The company seems to be the only one in the industry that has created games with a Latino appeal, which has allowed them
to corner that market in its entirety. Yet, they still manage to deliver games that follow current trends, which charms just about every other group too. There’s a combination of Flash-based and HTML choices,
so some can be played on a PC with or without a download and others are available for play on tablets and smartphones.

A few of the slot games in their library include:

7 Lucky Dwarves, Dolly, Dragon Slot, Megadeath, Pablo Picasslot, Queen of Thrones and Zombie Rush.

Corporate Philosophy

Ramiro Atucha is one of the founders of the company and remains with them as the Chief Operating Operator. In an interview, he explained that their corporate philosophy isn’t about defeating the competition.
Instead, they maintain a laid-back attitude and focus on simply creating games that people want to play. They’ve displayed an extra measure of ingenuity by incorporating real prizes into their campaigns.
When their Megadeath game was released, they not only created a website devoted to the game, as well as coordinated release parties at casinos, but they also gave away memorabilia. A handful of lucky people
received autographed albums and electric guitars, signed by Dave Mustaine. Their Dolly game was released exclusively to a single online casino, which generated a lot of interest and brought people over.
One of the best things about both the Megadeth and the Dolly slots is that players can listen to their most popular hits while hoping for a big win.

Overall, Leander understands what players want in a gaming experience, and they deliver. It’s clear that it’s not just a gambling venture to them or an opportunity for profit. They tend to be a bit on the
slow side when it comes to developing new material, but because their fans appreciate the features and quality of their games, the company remains strong. In fact, that’s what their name references.
The meaning of “Leander” is “lion man,” and it’s been said that the name was chosen because the founding members wanted to the company to embody the strength and energy of a lion within all their works.

It’s unclear where the company is headed next, and they’re certainly not giving any clues. Some speculate they’ll work on developing their gaming platform further, which will
involve partnering with more large firms and incorporating additional third-party games. Others believe the company is quietly working on a wave of new games to release.
Whatever the case may be, this energetic startup is sure to be roaring for a good long time.
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May 5, 2008
I like the games from the Leander Games Software. One of my favorite slot games is Dolly.
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