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May 3, 2008
NextGen Gaming is one of the most respected names in the industry. They’re incredibly diverse in their product lineup, maintaining an online casino platform
as well as a full suite of multi-channel games. You might also know them under the names NYX Interactive and NYX Social Gaming.


NextGen Gaming was founded in 1999 and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Under this name, the company releases online casino games and has hundreds of titles in their catalog. NYX Interactive
is the company’s bingo, casino and lottery platform. It was created in 2006 and allows integration of software from other providers for a customized gaming experience. NYX Social was created in 2004.
It provides high-profile brands and land-based casinos with social and free versions of games to create consumer loyalty. The company also markets it as an option for businesses that wish to study consumer
behavior within a market that does not allow gambling for money. For the duration of this article, we’ll focus on just NextGen Gaming and their proprietary lineup of online casino game software programs.

Behind the Scenes

In their online casino games, NextGen has taken great care to study player behavior and determine what attracts them and what keeps them engaged. Before the game even begins, each one is designed
to enchant. They use a mixture of eye-catching animations and audio cues to encourage players and set them at ease. Moreover, each one is specially designed for intuitive play, which makes gaming
effortless and allows it to feel second-nature. They also took time to determine a prize and winning schedule that maintains player loyalty and keeps each person playing longer.

Unlike some companies that just seem to stumble across fun and engaging games, NextGen uses psychology, science and mathematical formulas to ensure players find their games enjoyable.
Of course, they do make sure they have top-notch graphics, lively characters and good sound-effects as well, but these are all byproducts of their overall scheme.

NextGen Technology

They operate across multiple channels. This means that they serve games via mobile, desktop PCs, across social networks and to land-based venues. As they add new games to their catalogue,
they launch it across all platforms, to ensure brand consistency. The majority of their products are Flash-based, which allows them to be played without leaving a casino’s site and without any
kind of download. Their selection includes slots, bingo, scratchers, lottery, and probability games.

Casino Games from NextGen Gaming

Their original focus was lottery games, so the company has only recently begun developing slot games of their own. On their gaming platform, many of the online slots have been created by third-party
providers. However, they have developed over 20 proprietary titles, each meticulously crafted with smooth animations, solid graphics, catchy audio and anything else a player might want.
Most of their slots are a 5-reel variety, though they do have a handful of 3-reel slots, which feature 5-20 paylines each. They don’t have any progressive slots in their lineup at this point.

A few games of their own creation are:

Atlantic Quest
Amazing Circus
Dragon Kings
Haunted Mansion
Hillbilly Haven
Party Chicks
Rockstar Riches
Super Lucky Charm
Tarot Treasures

Other Ventures

In their bingo games, players will have a fully-branded experience, tailored to the site they’re on. The software features scrolling messages and fun facts to keep players engaged during gameplay.
Their interactive lottery includes a selection of 3×3 scratch cards, double 3×3 scratch cards, cross word, combination, pyramid and scratch bingo games.
Additionally, they have a selection of probability games which can be fully customized with themes and brands by gaming operators. This includes hunt, penalty shoot, dices, yatzy and pyramid options.
They’ve also created trademarked lineups of games, like SuperBet, Slide a Wild, Select-a-Play, DYNAREEL, and Up Wild.

The Future

No date has been published yet, but NextGen and NYX Gaming Group is due to release a slot game featuring Holly Madison in late 2014.
The famous actress, producer and TV personality lent her voice to the game and it will also feature video clips of her throughout.

Despite the fact that they’re one of the younger companies to get into online casino software development, they began with a cohesive strategy which has made NextGen Gaming a clear forerunner
in the industry. Their methodology in game design is unbeatable, simply because they focus on the player, and then build the game around them. There may be a few others in the industry who build
games around player behavior and psychology, but NextGen truly has it down to an art form. Their diverse portfolio and selection ensures there’s something for everyone, too.
They have numerous partnerships and games still in the early stages of development, which means we’ll be seeing lots of exciting things from them in the future.

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