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    Most companies that are involved in the online casino industry branch out and diversify. It’s common for a company that develops gaming software to create a casino platform for operators as well.
    Platform developers will routinely develop a few games of their own and will outsource the rest. Partnerships are not uncommon, as the individual companies will band together to provide a suite of
    tools and games of mixed branding to give players a more complete experience. Slotland doesn’t do any of that. They’re very unique in the online casino industry, as they have developed their own line
    of games, plus a platform, and they don’t share or partner with anyone. So, if you go to Slotland, you won’t find any NetEnt, Amaya, WMS, or any other games there. What you will find, is a whole new world.

    Company Profile

    Slotland Entertainment S. A. opened its first site in 1998. They are licensed by the government of Anjouan, which is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, nestled inside a triangle bordered by Mozambique,
    Tanzania, and Madagascar. Slotland has a little over 30 games, which is a relatively small catalogue compared to some of the other casino and software firms. However, each title they carry has been uniquely
    developed for them and can’t be found anywhere else. As one would expect based on the name, most of their catalogue consists of online slot games, but they’ve added in a few video poker options as well.
    In 2007, the parent company launched their second website, called Win a Day Casino, utilizing its own proprietary listing of games. While both websites use Flash technology to deliver immediate play games,
    which don’t require downloads, Win a Day’s animations are designed in 3D art and they have a selection of table games, too. Their games are available to play on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.



    Overall, the Slotland Entertainment S. A. casinos have a solid reputation. They’re continually running promos for existing and new members and have a progressive jackpot that climbs fairly high.
    Although most online casinos claim to have customer support, members of Slotland’s casinos usually feel well taken care of and help is available 24/7. They also have a reported 98-percent RTP,
    which is a solid number in the industry.


    As noted earlier, their initial site focuses mainly on slot games, but they have some very unique themes. Their selection contains both three and five-reel slots, which have anywhere from 2-25 paylines.
    They’re all progressives, which host one massive jackpot. Some of their most creative slots include:
    • Slotris- A Tetris themed-game
    • Silver Kiss- Contains adult material
    • Carnival- Has a shooting gallery bonus game

    However, Slotland has also some very classic fruit machines, plus some based on pop-culture, like Ice Queen and Pearls of Atlantis. Their video poker games are a mixture of traditional and obscure,
    like Santa Sleigh, which is a triple poker game with graphics too bizarre to explain and Space Jack, which is a blackjack 21 game.

    Win a Day

    The WinaDay Casino allowed Slotland to expand into games beyond slots. However, they continue to deliver on quality, despite the diversity. All the slot games on the Win a Day site contain
    high-quality 3D graphics and are totally different from those at Slotland. The catalog hosts everything from a very basic 3-reel, single-payline fruit machine up to a 5-reel, 50-payline game.

    They even have a large selection of penny slots. Some of their titles include:
    They also have a few video poker slots, Like Jack’s Show and Deuce’s Wild, as well as roulette and keno options.

    Overall, the Slotland Entertainment S. A. sites are well-known and loved by the players for their bonuses. New promotions are continually being added and they don’t neglect existing members, like
    some of the other online casinos do. They also have a reputation for being fair and for going the extra mile for their players. It’s said that they have employees who actually search gambling forums and
    help troubleshoot issues, so that problems are managed even when customer service isn’t contacted. For some, the fact that they only utilize proprietary software is a con, but for others, it’s a boon.

    Although the catalogs for both sites are fairly small, compared to platforms that outsource content, Slotland and Win a Day still add new games from time to time. They don’t update as quickly as some
    of the others either, but it seems their main focus is on providing top-tier customer service and a pleasant environment, while guarding their reputation carefully. Of course, you should always research
    any company before you give them cash, but because Slotland and Win a Day have been around for so long and conduct business professionally, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad review of them.
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    Nice overview for Slotland. They've been around for ages and their staying power says a lot. I know the slot games seem a bit pricey to play, but the payouts can be tremendous. They always offer something to their players in the way of free play and bonuses. They are also USA friendly which makes them great in my book.
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