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May 3, 2008
WMS Industries is a world-renowned gaming company that develops products for both land-based and online casinos. They’re incredibly innovative and have changed the face of gambling forever. When other companies were putting out reels that featured standard icons and using only a single reel, WMS was creating machines with multiple reels and paylines. Their ingenuity, wide selection
and quality have created a brand that players know and love.


Although internet gambling didn’t take hold until the 1990s, WMS has been creating unique games since 1943.Williams Manufacturing Company, as it was called back then, was started byHarry Williams, an engineer who studied at Stanford University. Mr. Williams began by designing intricate mechanical games, which were the forerunners to modern pinball machines. One of his first devices was actually a fortune-telling machine. After the first few developments, his company mainly focused on the manufacturing of pinball machines. His first real claim to fame, though, was the invention of the tilt mechanism that’s still used in pinball machines today. Over the years, the company was bought and developed further, eventually settling into manufacturing coin-operated arcade games. In 1994, the company moved into building reel-style slot machines and, when online casinos began to take hold, it was only natural that they join in. The company and all its subsidiaries were purchased by Scientific Games in 2013 and it hasn’t stopped leading the industry in creative new ideas throughout its lifespan.


WMS Technology

Although WMS got its start with reel-style land-based machines, it really began to shine as it developed video slots. Although they hit a snag in 2001 when players discovered a software glitch that allowed certain machines to give free credits, they didn’t skip a beat and continued on developing. Unlike other land-based vendors that sell their machines to casinos, WMS worked out a lease program.

They were also among the first to link their land-based machines from various locations together, allowing players a chance at larger jackpots based on the total number within the network. These things have made their products highly profitable. For players, they have adapted to new technology and the diversity of gamers with the development of community, adaptive and sensory immersion gaming options. Their main focus has been the development of land-based, wholly-interactive slots, though they’ve spun off into online gambling with their sister-company, Williams Interactive.

Williams Interactive - Now SG Interactive ( Scientific Games )

SG Interactive presently has several iGaming options. First, they provide content for online casinos using a remote game server. This has placed their software in numerous online casinos across the world with games can be played on PCs, phones and tablets. They’ve also developed the Play 4 Fun Network, which provides land-based casinos an online, white-label, social casino venue. Additionally, they created Jackpot Party, a series of games that are available on numerous websites and can be played free on Facebook and Yahoo, as well as on mobile apps.

WMS Casino Games

Their casino games have spread like wildfire across the net. Between their free versions, mobile selection and traditional online slot games, their selection is massive.

Some of their titles include:
  • KISS: Shout it Out Loud!
  • Kronos
  • Raging Rhino
  • Reel ‘em In
  • Star Trek (several titles)
  • Super Jackpot Party
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Yahtzee
  • Zeus (I, II, and III)


SG Interactive has an interesting strategy. They’re working to develop options across all platforms that will encourage players to seek out their games, not just as a pastime, but as a lifestyle. They’re capturing the attention of loyal land-based casino-goers with fantastical, interactive machines. Using their Play 4 Fun Network, they’re persuading those same people to remain loyal to their favorite location with games they can play at home. They’ve stepped into the traditional online slots market and placed their software on websites globally. Finally, they’ve tapped into a previously untouched market, social online gambling, with the addition of Jackpot Party. Because of the diversity in gaming options, their reach is immeasurable. They’ve generated appeal to newcomers, as well as held the interest of casino veterans. There isn’t a game developer out there that is doing the same things that WMS and SG Interactive are.

Overall, the company has a huge focus on social gaming. Even before they created true social games, in which players relied on other players to progress in levels, they still incorporated social aspects into their designs. This was first noticeable when they created community games, like Battleship and Wheel of Fortune for land-based casinos. They further developed the concept with social features in their software, like leader boards and feeds of winners. With the creation of their second Facebook app, it’s clear the company will continue to grow, integrating social aspects and mobile capabilities into their games. These unique concepts, paired with thought-provoking games and innovative concepts, make for a winning combination.
I have to say that the history of Williams Interactive is impressive. It's not an easy thing to take land based gaming to the Online platform and succeed.

But they've done it. Players from all over continue to patronize them. That speaks a lot about their integrity.
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I love the WMS Games. I have many favorite games that i like to play. The best slot and the one what i really like the most is Raging Rhino.
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