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May 3, 2008
When most new casino game software development firms start out, it takes them a while to pick up steam. Even if the newcomer launches with a full suite of games, casinos are hesitant topick them up until they feel certain that the new game developer is solid and will be around for a while. So, how does brand-new developer score contracts with well-known casinos like Unibet, Vera & John, LeoVegas, and Cherry Casino right off the bat? Yggdrasil Gaming is proof that the answer is roots.


The company was launched in 2013 and to this day, they don’t have a huge presence online. They recently slipped a couple of new games into rotation, which has caused many people to take note and wonder who they are and where they came from. The company name is a reference to a tree in Norse mythology. It’s sometimes called a world tree or tree of life, but in Norse mythology, the nine worlds are attached to its branches and roots. The other roots that Yggdrasil Gaming has is its core team. The company’s founding father, Fredrik Elmqvist, was once CEO of NetEnt. So, it’s understandable that Mr. Elmqvist would have already had a strong reputation with many people in the industry, including the first online casinos to pick up Yggdrasil’s games. In July of 2013, the Malta-based company was essentially cleared for takeoff, when they received independent certification for their random number generator and platform.



Given their history, it’s not surprising that Yggdrasil uses the latest in technology. Their games are playable across all platforms and don’t require downloads. Their graphics are supreme, and the audio is top of the line. Mr. Elmqvist seems to want to take the company in a different direction than others have gone, though, as he’s mostly aimed his attention to their NUMB3R L0V3RS games. They include a serious of lotteries, all run by a random number generator.

Lotto and Scratch Games

The company has designed two main lotto games, each done up as traditional ball draws. Their Lotto 7 Live Draw is done daily and has two varieties, which can pay out as much as 2.5 million pounds. Lotto 7 Express has two varieties as well, each with a jackpot of 50,000 pounds, but with none of the waiting. They have also released a series of online scratch cards. It’s a varied selection of classic and video cards, some which have jackpots as well.


Some software developers will create a keno game as more of an afterthought to round out their selection. It’s usually obvious when a company does this because it’s devoid of any character. However, Yggdrasil has released four different keno games to date, each with its own theme and unique characteristics. Beaming Canines is an Egyptian-themed game and references the guardian Anubis dogs. They also have Medusa Eyes of Fire, Precious Anuran, and Siamese Serpents. Each keno game has nice graphics and is animated. Waiting for the fireballs that Medusa shoots to land on a number can make a person anxious, but it also strengthens the entertainment value of the game.

Online Slots

Their two most-recent slots are getting the company some press.

Cazino Zeppelin has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The theme, however, is one of a kind.
The icons might be best described as being steampunk gamblers, but there’s something more about them.

Draglings is their other recent release, and it doesn’t have reels. Instead, it features a series of dragon eggs of different design, with a purple dragon as the wild. The eggs rotate as if they were on reels, though, and the game has 5 columns, with 40 paylines.


All of their video slots are very well-done and have themes which are not presently duplicated by any other company. Another unique thing they include is the ability to adjust
different game settings. There are numerous options for autoplay, spin speed, ambient sound, sound effects, and game quality. Although their selection is still rather small, they’ve
put a lot of attention into the details and into maximizing player experience.

The fact that Yggdrasil Gaming has just released two fresh slot games back to back is very promising. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing a lot of new stuff from them in the coming months and years. Their games are in about 20 different online casinos at this point, though most of them are in the Nordic region. Despite this, most enthusiasts will be able to find one which suits them and allows them to play. Americans may have some difficulty, but the company does have most, if not all, of their games on the corporate website, and they’re available to play free. Given the strength and background of the company founder, it probably won’t be long before Yggdrasil Gaming has a massive catalogue of high-quality games and becomes a familiar brand, hosted by all the great casinos.
Want a bit of something different? Try out Yggdrasil gaming.
They have some very unique slots and you'll love them.
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I Really like the Yggdrasil Gaming software. They have some great games.
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