Exclusive 10€ free for New Players | Grand Mondial Casino - Nov 2008

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May 3, 2008

This month we give away exclusivley
€10 FREE Cash accounts
to the first 10 new players signing up at
Grand Mondial Casino
through our Banner/Link!

If you've downloaded Grand Mondial Casino
via another link, you will not be eligible.
To insure any confusion on your signup, please clean out your temp. internet files and delete your cookies before you sign up.

Once you've downloaded and created a new account,
please post here your Grand Mondial ID.

Accounts will be submitted for crediting always on mondays.
Allow up to 72 hours for credits.
In the event you don't qualify, we will post in this thread.

Please note:
Grand Mondial does not accept new players from the United States!

Do NOT contact the Casino regarding your 10 free,
Support does not know about such exclusive deals
and cannot help you with it.
Grand Mondial Casino

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Thanks percival, Marina will sent your account in on Monday.
Best of luck dear!​
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hello...and thanks
my accountnr is vgmr01997577:socool:
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Welcome to our gambling community Pressurer
thanks for signing up at Grand Mondial Casino,
account will be submitted on monday and we will let you know then here who received the 10€ free.
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The following casino accounts have been sent in to verify if they are tagged through our link and eglible to recieve the 10 free cash.


It might take up to 48 hours to check and credit
I will let you know who got the 10 free.
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vgmr01997577 - Credited
Vgmr01999305 - Credited

Vmgr01997561 - not tagged through us - not eligible
Vgmr01883017 - not tagged through us - not eligible
Vgmr01998532 - Account locked - Bulgaria is not allowed at Grand Mondial, sorry

Ok, we have 8 x €10 free cash accounts left
to give away for Grand Mondial Casino.
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Hello I could't log in in the Grand Mondial Casino for 2 days, and i contact the support and they told my that they don't accept players from my country!I write this post because you can take my bonus and give it to someone else that can use it!THANK YOU BONUSPARADISE FOR CREDITING ME!GOOD LUCK TO ALL OTHER PLAYERS IN THAT CASINO WITH THIS FREE CASH!!!:winner:
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aww you are very nice pressurer
thanks for the post and being so understanding
Yes, we give out another 8 accounts, due only 2 were credited.

I am sorry your country is not allowed there Pressurer.
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