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May 5, 2008
Have you ever played at an
online gambling Casino and
had a great experience?

Maybe you've played and wish you never had.

Bonus Paradise has started this thread
so you can share your experiences with us.

We want to hear about it; GOOD OR BAD​
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I lost $70 while gambling, a couple of weeks back at my place.. I don't gamble generally but i just did for the heck of it despite knowing "house always wins", "slot machine can be deceiving as they are pre-programmed for near miss jackpots", "they serve:sad: drinks on-the-house to make you lose your sense if you have any"..... :sad:
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Yes I played online gambling so many times and I have very good experience in online gambling.

When I started to play online gambling at first time I loosed more money (more then 2500$) but I was not worrying about it.

I was keeping on playing daily till I get some money from it. After few days I started to get some good money from online gambling.

If any one loosed money in online gambling, don't be worried. Keep on trying.:cool:
I remembered my very first time when playing the online poker, I lost over $250 in an hour and this really a great lesson to me...

After that, I learned a new trick: Always use the bonus sign up to play first and you're won't be hurt if you lost it :)

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