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Jul 17, 2008
What would be your criteria for finding a great poker room? Do you prefer a site with large rooms or ones that are smaller? I think I would like the smaller ones so I could keep a closer eye on the types of players I am up against.
Good Question. My Answer Would Be A Medium Ranged Player Site. What I Mean By This Is That There Isn't A Million Players In One Tournament, And Also Not 5 Players In A Tournament. Depending On How Well You Play, Or What Kind Of Challenge You Like, Or If You Want The Bast Chance Of Winning, These Questions Need To Be Answered First.

I Like Certain Large Rooms For Different Things, Like Cash Games, And Sit- N - Go Tournaments, But I Like Others For Their Size Of Players In Big Freerolls And Multi - Table Tournaments.

Here Are A Few Of My Favorites, Follow The Link And Get Some More Info:
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