Finished 6th at UNIBET Event#60 in Bonus Paradise name

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Nov 1, 2008
Event #60
Finished place : 6th
Screenname : KanitchetX
Forum : Bonus paradise

this is my second tournament by OFC that I played (mostly I register and forgot to play :confused:).

Well it's very close to get forum money 3rd place just 11 point if there only another one guy who play and finish around me and Kevathallam(18th) or better. Forum will sure get around 60+ euro :kiss:

But I really dissappointed my play, one key hand I can tripple up but I did really tight lay down cause I give that player really respect. Yeah he got me pre-flop by hold KK, agiant my A10.. but A on the board (one guy all-in, so I called large stack and this player come over the top.. then I folded pre-flop)............:beer:

Hope next tournament of OFC I will do better (If I not forget to play again :p)

but to play this I miss PokerDNA freeroll by Bonus Paradise :sad:................
I really want to play but at that times I played like 3-4 tournament at the same times(Included OFC)...........
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