Firefighters kinship-is it Worldwide?



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May 5, 2008
This week, in Boston, Massachusetts USA, two incredible Firefighters lost their lives while battling a blaze.
I am mesmerized by the tightness and the loyalty of the Firefighters along with the public support and wondering if this kinship is Worldwide.

These brave men and women have a bond like I have never seen. Each and everyone of those Firefighters did what they
could to rescue these trapped men. Even when they were ordered out of the burning building, their hearts and souls were with
their comrades. When they recovered the bodies, the Fireman stayed with them to the Hospital and to the Morgue. The streets were lined with people.
In the USA, these Firefighters are held in an almost "godly" state. Is it like this every where?
The bond and kinship relished on this profession is something that is not seen in any other occupation in the USA. When I watch the news, I get teary seeing
the respect and honor that is brought onto them.

NFL quarterback, Tom Brady was a witness to the fire and made many comments. Dennis Leary, the Hollywood star even tweeted.
The Cardinal of Boston stopped by the firehouse to pay his respects. The outpouring of support is incredible.

Is it like this Worldwide?

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