Five held over Burswood casino carpark brawl

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Jun 7, 2008
FOUR men and a woman have been arrested following a brawl in a Burswood Casino car park early Saturday.

A 21-year-old man from Pt Kennedy, a 20-year-old from Waikiki, a 19-year-old Ascot man and a 21-year old from Warnbro have been charged with acts or omissions causing bodily harm or danger.

Effectively they have been charged with seeing an offence but taking no action to prevent it.

The 18-year-old Waikiki woman has been charged with assaulting a public officer and obstructing a public officer.

Nobody has yet been charged with the assault that left a 29-year-old man with serious injuries after being stabbed with a a glass shard.

He was slashed across the shoulder blade and received a puncture wound in the kidney region.

why do people do such things...
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OMG,the world is getting crazier and crazier,...
Its just horrible..
Thank you for your post warnbeep.
Its really good to discuss with each other about all those things...​
This happened in Australia? I can not believe people would just sit there and watch as these events unfold. People never fail to amaze me. Who stabs people with glass shards anyways? It is disgusting what we can do.
Yes, People Really Never Cease To Amaze Me. Sometimes I Wonder How People Could Actually Carry Out The Things They Do.

Have They Not Ever Heard Of "Love Thy Neighbor?"

"Do On To Others As You Wish To Have Done To You?"

I Just Don't Understand At Times.​
Life is as life does, my friends. Our world is ruled by the bad, the unlucky, and in some cases, the ones not charming. Science has taught us that our bodies could do astounding things, such a woman lifting up a car to save her child beneath it (which is a true story. Google might help it). Yes, it is easy to see the bad in the world. As pokerstar says, our world is insane and getting crazy at each moment passing. Both mental and physical wise. We are expanding our waist (fast food) and our ethics (bad rising, irresponsible people).

Gun shootings have been happening around where I live, by the where the school bus picks up the high school students, and also by my friend's house, which is a major pity. My best friends' mom got shot as well. But I indicate no pity for oneself. No, but people do need to see what they are doing. In fact, a mom strangled and killed her kids when she was drunk. There is good mixed with the bad however. Charities, and people giving money to homeless. That's nice. A girl, young lady, stood up for me as I was being harassed. That was remarkably kind of her.

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