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Jun 1, 2008
Pure Cat

In this house of half-read books
and half-written letters,
only the cat moves with full grace.
She glides through a doorway,
leaps in one motion to a table
and with perfect attention
watches the birds outside.
Deliberate without deliberation.

Her neat white paws step
over piles of unattended papers,
ignoring them with pure poise.
She stretches, spreading her toes;
yawns her sharp teeth into view.
Sprawled on her back,
without a glance at unfinished tasks,
she sleeps with wild abandon,
four white paws tipped in the air,
and I watch the slow rise and fall
of her white chest and belly.

Her green eyes opened,
she sees no words or symbols.
She's fierce when chasing
a string I drag for her --
too fierce to ask why it moves.
Curled on the couch,
she sleeps again, entirely.
Paws and tail tucked in, she sleeps,
assured of her rightness for this world.​
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OMG Seaman..
That was amazing to read!
I have to save this on my computer....
Thank you so much

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I found it while looking for another poem...and loved it too. A very good description why I love cats.
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