Four Seasons Macau Target to a Movie-Like Robbery, the Police Arrest 4 Suspects



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May 3, 2008
Land-based casino players have plenty of incredible gambling destinations to explore all around the world.
Even though the centre of gambling has always been Las Vegas, most high-rollers today prefer gambling in Macau.

In fact, in recent years, reports show that Macao’s visitors are usually VIP players, playing at high-bet blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables.

The insane bets these high-rollers place contribute to the gambling revenue in Macau and the flourishing of the casinos there which make billions every year.

Naturally, these casinos become an easy target for robbers. The last casino that was their target was Four Seasons. A few days ago, a team of four, managed to organize a movie-like robbery and steal baccarat chips worth HK$3,100,000! The suspects were arrested by the police within 24 hours, but still, the robbery was incredible.

Details on the Robbery

It is unbelievable how, after so many years of experience and the high-end security measures, casinos get robbed. They all have security cameras, guards and special equipment to monitor players’ behaviour. Somehow, brilliant criminal minds manage to get away with millions in chips or cash.

Four Seasons is a lavish, popular casino in Macau, which got robbed a few days ago. According to the Judiciary Police in Macau, the casino staff failed to stop the robbery because they were blindsided by the robbers with a pepper spray.

But to start from the beginning. There were four people involved in the robbery, 3 men and a woman from Mainland China. Namely, one of the men went to the casino a few days earlier to investigate the casino and check its weak points, disguised as a woman. Then, on the day of the robbery, two men of the team went to the casino and stole the HK$3,100,000 in chips from a baccarat table. On their way out of the casino, they were noticed by the croupier who reported the problem to the security guard. Both the security guard and the croupier were attacked with pepper spray by the robbers, who got out of the casino safely. They committed the crime in less than 3 minutes and fled the scene in two different taxies. The casino staff received proper medical attention, and the robbers were gone.

The two men that carried out the robbery went on to meet with the woman. They met at a fast-food restaurant. The two robbers gave the chips to the woman and quickly reassumed their escapade plan to Zhuhai via Gongbei Border point. A few hours later, they were arrested by the Zhuhai police.

The woman went on as planned. She met with the third guy in another casino, where she was supposed to exchange the baccarat chips for real money. The two were arrested then and there, therefore, the police managed to recover the HK$3,100,000 in both cash and chips, in addition to other stolen stuff such as mobile phones.

The three men will be charged for robbery and aggravated assault with the use of banned weapons, while the woman for holding stolen goods.

Casino-Related Crime in Macau

Believe it or not, this robbery happened mere days after another crime was committed outside Four Seasons. A week earlier, four men got physical and sustained stabbing injuries, one of them even fatally, right near the casino’s property. The 40-year old man was declared dead, while the three other survived. Even though the police disregarded the link between the fight and gambling due to lack of evidence, still, they were so close to the casino, and disputes like these happen a lot due to money lending and debts. The police believe, however, that the four men were involved in prostitution exploration activities and that the physical confrontation was due to conflict between two criminal groups.

And what’s more interesting is that two days before the Four Seasons robbery, the members of Venetian’s security department (connected to Four Seasons Macau), the police and the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau met in order to discuss a better coordination and a more effective communication in cases of major incidents related to gambling. Their aim was to improve their response time to react promptly and effectively, in time. Unfortunately, as we can see from the latest turn of events, they were still not coordinated properly and have not successfully implemented the measures for better protection and response at this point.
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