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Bad Boy

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Jun 1, 2008
Hey, I love to chase free rolls. Gives me a chance to check out new forums sites. Love the free rolls, when you are at good table and play if you have got in as a buy in, but many don't feel that way, hell in a buy in they play the same way. They don't care, if they make a mockery of online poker.
But this is not what I posted this for. It is a warning on gone to these so call sites.
First they get you to register..That's good
Then you get your activated email....Normal and okay
Now you enter the so called forum. Okay, there are a few posts, and now you find the topic for the free roll. That's good, and getting better.
Now we get click here, to put your aka's at the sites that you play at.
Oh, again, this is normal, at alot of very good forum sites.
Now the bad are now redirected to some place else, a BLOG, totally away from the so called forum, and really no info, of the forum site that you started from...Wait this is starting to look bad.
Oops, checking this BLOG out..Oh look, this is where you place you aka's.....Look out....Now they want your emailing address for the Poker site that you are playing at.....Don't do it....for the hell of it I placed a email address that I don't they want your FULL NAME...again, don't do it.
Oh, the next good part...If you already have this poker site downloaded....They say to uninstall it.....Remove all cookies....and Download got to be kidding me....But there are some that would fall for this. These people are thieves, of the worst kind.
Oh, and they have a comment box, to leave them messages...Oh yes, the got a comment, and it was not very kind and many slang words were used.
Hey, they got a delete button, to remove your account, at the so called forum...Funny, it doesn't work. Message says "Oops, you must have made an error, Return to the forum." Okay, returned to the forum, and hot damn, I go to a section and oh boy, get to make a post. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY....Posted the most cruddest, ruddess, pathetic, cused like a sailor's wife, as well as a sailor, attacked Admins, moderators and the very few members that was in there. I did everything in that forum, that good forums would never allowed. Did some spamming and while I was at, put a finishing touch of a porno clip.
Wasn't finish yet...Jumped back to the BLOG and did them the same there. Oh, the BLOG has removed me, not banned. I have disappeared from there. I am sure, the so called site will do the same in a short time.
Look all, becareful with these SOB sites. Things can look good, when you start out, but can give you a living hell
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Well thank you Bad Boy.

Great post. Hope folks take your advice!!​
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