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    Most gamblers enjoy a good film every now and again-- especially if the movie is gambling related. If you have been on the look out for a good gambling movie to get you even more excited about
    your favorite past time, try out one of the movies listed below. Whether you like genres that are happy, sad, suspenseful, romantic, dark, or mysterious, you can probably find a gambling related
    movie that suits your fancy listed here. Grab a bucket of popcorn (and an excessive amount of butter) and pick out one that looks interesting for some gambling inspiration and entertainment.

    One: The Hustler

    If you are looking for a movie that says classy and legendary, this may be the film for you. The Hustler has been around for more than 50 years, and it continues to astonish viewers today. Many critics
    consider the film a masterful piece of art, and the film boasts excellent writing, unique camera shots, and a realistic plot line that tugs on all of the feels in your heart. The storyline is considered by some
    to be before its time because the main protagonist was portrayed in a not-exactly-white-sheep light.

    If you think a movie that portrays the grit and grunge of risky gambling during early time periods sounds interesting, you might want to go ahead and pop this one in. Although the film does portray a great
    deal of the “gritty” aspects of gambling, it also illustrates the art form of gambling. One of the best scenes in the movie involves a character advising someone that talent is not everything when it comes to
    gambling-- character is a great deal more necessary. What a great reminder for gamblers out there today to play with class instead of just scrambling for the biggest jackpots.


    Two: The Sting

    This movie came out in the year 1973 and still holds claim as one of the most valuable classics of all time. Boasting a trophy cabinet full of academy awards, such as best picture (which was won in the
    very same year it came out), this movie is perfect for picky movie watchers and film snobs. A great plot, riveting script, and great film score all contribute to the overall feel of this excellent movie.

    The plot of this movie may not be a good one to use as a motto in real life, seeing as “The Sting” is one of the most elaborate con jobs on recorded film. The plot follows a few poor individuals who live in
    Depression-era Chicago as they attempt to pull the hoax of all hoaxes using the then-unfamiliar past-posting horse race outcome technique. Were they successful in their underhanded quest?
    We will leave that up to you to find out. It would be hard to beat “The Sting” when it comes to any other 1970s movie-- or any movie for that matter.

    Three: Rounders

    Here is a movie that is a bit more recent, having come out in the year 1998. The movie centers around the game of poker, so if you enjoy hitting the poker table during your nights out, this may be the
    perfect movie for you. The main character of the movie is a young student at a local university who has a knack for poker playing and enjoys it far more than his academic pursuits. The plot is pretty
    well known by poker players everywhere, but if you have not seen it, we will stop now so we do not give anything away. No spoilers here. If you are a history buff, you may enjoy the incredibly accurate
    portrayal of 1990s New York gambling houses, most of which were underground at the time.

    If you are still not quite convinced that you will enjoy this movie, let us give you one more good reason to watch it: in a single word, Damon. Pretty girls are not the only fans of Matt Damon;
    he is actually a really good actor. There is no shame in being a fan of Matt Damon (we know that many of you secretly already are).

    Four: The Cincinnati Kid

    If Matt Damon is not really your cup of tea, you may prefer this poker movie-- a classic 1965 film starring Steve McQueen. This is a great film to watch for those of you who are interested in the
    portrayal of gambling, or more specifically poker, as an art form for dignified folk. The main character sets out to beat his archenemy without using any underhanded tactics; his main goal is to beat
    “The Man” fair and square. Portraying gambling as a respectable past time, this movie is one of the best films out there lobbying for the reputable nature of gambling. With an amazing cast, riveting
    plot line, and a host of other “pluses,” it would be silly for poker players not to watch this movie.

    Choose one (or all) of these great gambling films and sit back in your favorite easy chair with some movie snacks. You are sure to come away entertained, relaxed, and inspired.
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Those movies seem really great! Never seen them before. Have you ever checked Runner Runner?
    It is a movie with Justin Timberlake and super cool! But it is more about the casino affiliate world.
    Hubby was not amused to see him the whole time lol...:p
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    Some really great movies to watch. The Cincinnati Kid is a classic. Steve McQueen at his best. It's a much watch.
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  4. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    I did not see any of these movies. I hope to see them one time on the TV.
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