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    We can only assume that since you are visiting this gambling forum that you enjoy gambling every now and again.
    Have you ever stopped and wondered why you enjoy gambling so much?

    Many scientists think that there are many specific reasons we enjoy gambling and that many of these reasons are closely related to the way our brains function.
    If you are the nerdy type with a coincidental liking of the gambling scene, then you may rather enjoy reading this article. We are going to unpack a few of the basic
    reasons why your brain “lights up” with happiness when you hit the casino or online gambling forum. Ready for some science?


    Flashing Lights

    Have you ever noticed the abundance of flashing lights and bright colors in casinos? Of course you have. The flashy nature of the atmosphere is probably one of the key things that stands
    out in your mind about your last visit to the casino. Why are slot machines so brightly lit with such a frequent interval of flashing lights? The answer is simple. Flashing lights and bright
    objects act as a stimulant within the human psyche. To put it succinctly, flashing lights excite the human brain. When things start flashing and glittering, your pulse quickens and you become
    more alert to the situation at hand. The reason you enjoy the flashing lights has to do with the way your brain is wired.

    Bells and Whistles

    Anything that stimulates one of your five senses is going to cause you to be interested or even fascinated. When you walk into a casino you will probably hear a whole slew of unusual noises:
    bells, whistles, jangling coins, alarms, beeps, and all manner of sounds. These noises activate areas in your brain that cause you to experience excitement or anticipation about all of the activity
    taking place around you. Flashing lights catch the attention of your eyes, and that information quickly gets relayed to your brain. Unusual noises catch the attention of your ears, which then relay
    the information (you guessed it) to your brain. At this point, your brain is totally immersed in the atmosphere and you will begin to feel “hyped up” about the environment.


    Your senses are not the only aspects of yourself that get triggered during a night out at the casino. One of the primary reasons set out to gamble and enjoy the process has to do with the human
    craving for risk. While some individuals may be more “risk hungry” than other individuals, every human being has at least a slight inclination toward risk taking. Some people play with risk by
    partaking in illegal substances or taking part in extreme sports such as mountain climbing. The rest of us are not interested in taking part in illegal activities or falling from mountain faces, so
    we turn to other methods of quenching our desire for risk and adventure. As it turns out, gambling is one of the primary ways people satisfy this desire in a safe fashion. It makes sense, when you
    think about it. Gambling is all about taking risks and playing against the odds. The bigger the risk, the bigger the adrenaline rush. This form of risk taking is totally acceptable and quite safe.
    Just make sure you do not make any unwise financial decisions during the heat of the moment.

    Social Interaction

    Another reason you feel excited about gambling has to do with the social nature of the activity. Most games are and always have been group activities. Remember “family game nights” growing up?
    Game nights have always been a traditional way to bond people together and interact socially while having a good time. When you head to the casino or even sign up for an online gambling forum,
    you are starting an interaction with other human beings. Since the beginning of time we have desired human company; even the ancient book of Genesis states that “it is not good for man to be alone.”
    Social interaction is a necessity for humankind, and pursuing that goal helps us to be healthier, happier people as a whole. The next time you feel lonely, try making a new friend or two at the casino
    over a game of blackjack. You may be surprised at how rewarding the process can be. Besides, your brain is wired to desire friendship. It may trigger biological chemicals that actually make you happier.

    There you have it: a little more information about how your brain works and why you enjoy a fun night out at the casino.
    For more information about gambling, tutorials, and fun facts, keep visiting BonusParadise. There is more interesting information on the way!
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  2. Kotsy

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    Very interesting article. But I wonder why people feel they need to dissect and have a study on everything we do in life.
    I bet someone got a government grant to do this research and write the article. No matter it was an interesting read.
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