Gambling Screenshots which made you ALMOST a big winner!

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May 5, 2008
Please post your gambling screenshots which ALMOST made you a big winner.
Maybe you had 5 wilds playing an online, but only one of them was a bit to high up or down, just not really on a payline.

If you would like to share such screenshot please do this here.
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I was down to $30 at First Web Casino and then this 1 showed up

Missing 1 Freaky Horse. It would have been a $600 Win
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But anyhow you won and did not turn back without anything like losing the game. It's all obvious in gambling, come on man just chill out. Trying playing you will surely get the greater gain. :p
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This is not fair! :sad:
I deposited 25 bucks to play a bit "Gypsy Queen" at Intertops. Had won a bit on 2 coins and then decided to play with 5 coins and nothing hits. I was down to 9 € and then this damn thing happened.

Arrrghh Shaggy, yeah this is very pitty.

Thanks for the post anyways, hope we see some better winning screenshots from you soon.
omg Shaggy!!
This could be a huge hit!
Im glad im not the only one having those hits
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hahaha lmao.

I cannot wait on that if this is really true then i buy 20 new pcs in no time ROFL
this 1 sux....

the other day i was playing on "flying circus", from past experience i know when you get the free spins you often can win big... (once on a 20p bet i had free spins, on 1 of the free spins along i won over £30)

the free spins retriggered a few times so in total i ahd around 60 free spins...and won the grand sum of... £23.94 :(... it was only 20p a spin but i did think i would fo hit the £50 mark, nonetheless it was a nice little win at the time :D
Thats funny, because a couple weeks ago, i almost had them too, and hit the bottles :lmao: hit the 1st 4, and then the last one was the bottle. At least it was in the freespins, and got triple the prize, but happened so fast, didn't get a screenshot
Mom was over at the house playing a few days ago
and almost hit a very nice one on Spring Break. I've Done this once,
and now so has mom. So Close, one of these days, one of us will get it!

This One, i did get all 5, but was only betting 9 CENTS!!
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I had been betting $1 until my balance dropped to $1.69...unable to play 10 rounds I had to drop my bet to $0.01....and of course as soon as I do...I get this...what a difference two decimal points can make....
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OMG kid!!!! That's definitely a screenshot that make you wanna scream!!
Thank you for posting your dear!
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