Gambling Sessions on Twitch: What’s the Hype?

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May 3, 2008
So what is the hype in recent times about streaming live sessions of gambling on Twitch, a leading platform for streaming live videos online?
Online poker games have been streamed live on Twitch for a while now.

Experts have pointed out possible security issues in doing this arising out of multiple factors, including:
  • Dependency on external servers that are secure by Twitch
  • Possible access by Twitch employees including managers, server support personnel and hosting providers.
  • The possibility of errors due to glitches in the time delay mechanism used.
  • Possibility of a third party between the encoder and Twitch server – the man in the middle – accessing live feed directly from the back-end.

But these have not stopped the broadcast of live poker games on Twitch in a while. In April 2017, Bellagio, a big name in the casino industry announced their decision to broadcast poker
games live on Twitch. Well-known poker players, including big names like Phil Nagy and Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier, have opened Twitch accounts and have a dedicated following already.

The question then arises: what stance will Twitch have on Internet gambling in the future?
Would it go the YouTube way, which has been in the news in recent times for quietly removing videos of online gambling?
This has caused a furore among users, especially when entire accounts with content related to game tutorials and promo videos being removed.
Read more about YouTube’s initiative... Is YouTube Taking a Stance on Internet Gambling?

Twitch – acquired for almost a billion dollars by Amazon in 2014 – had in July 2016 issues a warning to users against broadcasting or promoting e-sports betting
from its site. That decision had been a result of Valve announcing its intention of going after third party websites using Steam to enable gambling and indulging in
skin gambling on one of the top e-sports titles – Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Valve had earlier been sued for aiding in creating, nurturing and also providing a platform for players to indulge in skin gambling on this game by 2 players,
with CSGO Lotto, a website run by two YouTube users being added to the suit later.

But that is all from the past. At this time, Twitch has become a hotbed of streaming activity for online pokers. A number of top online poker sites, including
the well-known PokerStars, stream games at this site. Among the streams available for viewing are the World Series of Poker games and a range of poker games.
All games can be viewed by poker players from across the world.

Bellagio Live Stream - BellagioPOTS

For those looking to catch the action from the Bellagio all they would need to do is visit the Twitch page of Bellagio, BellagioPOTS.
The schedule has already been announced from April 26 to May 24.

The Bellagio live stream is the first coming out of the Las Vegas Strip, though there have been other major casinos that have streamed poker games live,
including Bicycle Club of Southern California, which runs a show called Live at the Bike.

On the whole the hype about streaming live gambling sessions on Twitch is more about getting instant access for the casinos and their games to more viewers, including regular folks and players.
The TV is no longer the sole broadcast means, the Internet provides an equal if not better alternative, with flexible options that enable viewers to catch the games as they happen live.
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