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May 3, 2008
If you are new to the world of gambling, then you know very well the amount of intimidation felt when walking into a room full of experienced gamblers. More than likely,
said experienced gamblers throw around terminology and lingo that sounds like another language to you. If you want to sharpen your gambling know-how, try taking a look
at the information below. This is the information that new gamblers report is most alien - the stuff that you really need to know but nobody seems to have time to explain to you.

We always have time for explaining anything gambling related, so we have put together this little piece just for you. This is the first part of a series on gambling terminology, and
there is a lot to learn; therefore, we have split these informational articles into several parts. This segment will review key gambling terms that start with the letter “a,” a seemingly
appropriate place to start since these pieces are catered toward beginning gamblers. Let’s start at the beginning of the alphabet and learn some new gambling terms. Ready, go!


Action may refer to a lot of different things, but in the gambling realm it refers to the amount of cash that is being wagered by a gambler or player during any given playing session as a whole.
Someone who puts something into action is someone who has wagered an amount of money as a bet during a gambling game. Someone who says “give me a piece of the action” is implying that
he or she wants in on a large bet. If you are familiar with the original Star Trek series, you will be familiar with the episode entitled “piece of the action,” which involves the beloved characters
enjoying gambling games on historic Earth. Terms stemming from gambling roots that involve the word “action” are used throughout society and culture today; gambling may have had more
of an impact on your grammar than you thought.

Aggregate Winnings

“Aggregate winnings” is a large mouthful of words that simply refers to the total winnings gathered after a game or match. Aggregate can be defined as a whole part that is formed by the coming
together and combining of many different elements. The different amounts of cash received per round in a given game would add up to be the aggregate winnings of a game.

Going All In

This is a term that is often used in poker, but can be used during any gambling game or event. Going all in during a poker game refers to putting all of one’s poker chips on the table
during the initiation of a large, gutsy bet. In a different scenario, if a player bets more chips than you in a game without any kind of limits, you can state that you are going all in and
put your entire stack against the other player’s stack.


Ante is a word that is typically heard at a card gaming table. It refers to the beginning bet of a game; the bet required to start off the first hand of the game.
This is best known as the initial bet that is made (compulsory) before the receiving of your cards during a form of Poker known as Casino Stud Poker.


This does not refer to anyone’s limbs; instead, it refers to a certain kind of player during a game of Craps. Players who are especially skilled when it comes to throwing the dice during a Craps game
and who are able to literally alter the typical odds that take place during the game are referred to as “an arm.” Some people think that arms are simply the stuff of legend and that no one cannot truly
beat the statistics during a game of Craps. Many casinos have crap dealers who are very strict about the way in which dice are rolled so as to prevent any sort of cheating of the odds.

Automat Club

Automat Clubs are also commonly referred to as Videomat Casinos, Arcade Casinos, or Slot Halls. Essentially, Automat Clubs are gambling establishments that offer nontraditional, mechanical
games that are often run via a computer system. Such establishments do not require the presence of a casino operator and can therefore function far more efficiently (financially speaking), which
results in higher payouts for visiting gamblers. Examples of gambling games found at Automat Clubs include slot machines, touch-bet roulette, racing, and electronic Derby. Automat Clubs are
usually open at all hours, and entry into the establishments is typically free.

There you have it. A handful of gambling terms defined for those of you who enjoy learning the “book knowledge” information and then applying it in the real world.
We all learn differently, so if this information was not helpful, then you may want to try learning the same terms from a friend or via media such as videos and interactive tutorials online.

Stay tuned for more information about gambling terminology, casino game strategy and other fun gambling topics; there is more on the way!

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