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May 3, 2008
When it comes to gambling, there are a whole bunch of things that you can do. However, many people neglect to take the time needed to discover the things that they cannot (or should not)
do in a gambling environment. Unfortunately, if you do not know the “no-nos” of gambling, you may end up unknowingly committing an embarrassing mistake or even a crime.

In order to remain in the know and avoid these obviously not-so-great consequences of poor gambling, try reading the information below.
A lot of the information may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised at how little thought you had given to some of the topics listed below.

Do Not Cheat

The golden rule of gambling is “Do not cheat.” Ever. Under any circumstances. The handful of really cool movies you watched that featured slick gambling “heroes” who beat the casino
by partaking in illegal methods would probably be in jail in real life. No one wants to go to jail, so we would recommend that you stay away from any illegal activities on the gambling scene.
Here are a few examples of the most common gambling cheats to avoid:
  • False shuffle
  • Roulette past posting
  • Card switching
  • Slot machine devices
  • Hole card reading
  • Dice slides
  • Roulette color up

Do Not Be Obnoxious

Nobody enjoys being around a person who is overly obnoxious. However, in the gambling and gaming world, it can be difficult for even the most reserved individual to
hold back the emotion that gushes forth with a big win or a big lose.

When you win, try to be gracious and congratulate the other players around you on their good game (without being sarcastic!) Try your best to make genuine eye contact with the players
who you were victorious over, and let them know that you enjoyed it and that you hope to play again sometime. Remember, crowing over your victory is a good way to feel like eating your
hat during the next match. Someone is always the winner, and it certainly is not always you - so there is no need to act like it is.

It is even more difficult to refrain from making ugly remarks after losing in a particularly painful fashion. Everyone knows how it feels to be so close to victory that you can practically
taste it - and the feeling that quickly follows upon realizing that someone else took “your” win. Competitive individuals, especially, struggle with remaining gracious, kind, and polite after losing.
An example of obnoxious losing behavior would be an individual slamming his or her fists on a table after losing and then storming away from the table in a huff. This kind of behavior hardly puts
you in a complimentary light; in fact, it often reveals to others that you are an immature individual who has little or no control over your emotions. Not many people enjoy hanging out with a person
who fits that description, and said person often puts a damper on things at the card table.

Do Not Be Rude

This rule of thumb is similar to the one listed above; however, it is aimed more toward authority figures in the casino. If you do not get a good hand during a game of poker, you should not begin cussing
out your card dealer. Your card dealer is totally objective to your current card game and has no interest in providing you with a poor hand of cards. He or she is there to perform a job, and you have no
right to take out your frustration on anyone due to bad odds. Instead of insulting your card dealer, try complimenting or even tipping him or her. You may be surprised at how nice it feels to be… nice.
Scientific studies indicate that when we are nice to others, “feel good” chemicals are released in our brains. It really does pay off to be kind to others.

Do Not Be “Uppity”

When you enter a casino setting where you know very few people, it can be tempting to keep to yourself and simply join a card game without engaging in any social interaction. However, casinos are all
about social interaction! If you refrain from getting to know the person next to you, you will probably appear like an arrogant, cold individual - which may be the farthest thing from the truth. How will
your fellow gamblers know you are a nice, amiable person if you do not loosen up a little? Buy someone at your table a drink and get to know him or her. You do not have to force it; just make it clear that
you are not opposed to casual conversation and a few laughs. Letting people know you are friendly goes a long way.

Keep these “do not” tips in mind the next time you decide to enjoy a night out at the casino or even a casual night playing online gambling games. There is definitely a code to follow within gambling circles,
and breaking that code is a sure indication of poor taste and ignorance. Use a little common sense and enjoy yourself while gambling without cheating, being obnoxious, being rude, or being uppity.
If you follow these rules, the odds of enjoying a quality gambling experience are highly in your favor.

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