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Thanks to crazylady for this awesome invite for this game. Please show some support for this game as it will be an exciting event for sure. I'll be there, looking forward to a great game. Thanks again to crazylady and Ray bassman's forum.

Wed Nov 5,12,19,26
NLH Bounty
3.00 buyin plus fee
2.00 in prize pool 1.00 each head
1500 starting chips
10 min blinds
$25.00 added

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All are welcome!:p

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Re: Invite Doyles Bounty 25.00 added

Hi Crazylady, Thanks for the awesome invite my friend,
I'll be looking forward to making one of these games. Looks like it will be
alot of fun!​
I hope this game had a great turnout for you crazylady. I was registered and ready to play, but I had forgot that my daughter had a school musical that i needed to be at instead, and unfortunatly had to un register and pass on this game. I guess there is always next time! Thanks again for the awesome invite.​

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